Galaxy Nexus drops to $300 at Mobilicity


  • Tom

    I have forgotten, does this work on the incumbents as well as the new entrants?

    • Sean

      Yup unlocked Pentaband

    • barry

      Pentaband indeed. Best value android phone you can get today.

  • Sean

    Woah now this is what i’m talking about. And since it’s a Nexus they come unlocked…

  • barry

    with Jellybean, it’s a steal. I paid $375 for mine last month off Kijiji (brand new in box)

  • astudent

    I don’t care if its not a GS3 or any other new phone, its a Nexus and that means great stock Android with relatively speedy updates. Sold.

  • TestMe


  • Yesa

    … Got mine at March total $450 ..
    Now is $300 there gose the $150 …shame ….

  • Sean

    Talk about kicking myself back when they came out I paid almost $300 to upgrade early to this phone…

  • Marc

    Tempting… VERY tempting.

    But, I think that this means that there is a new Nexus device on the horizon. Must… wait… for… next…. Nexus.

    • HerpingTheDerp

      If it follows last year’s timetable, the announcement will be in October and it won’t come to Canada until December…

  • Alex

    I just got one last week from the States 376$, taxed and delivered to Maine. this would be 25$ cheaper!!!

  • Troy Pavlek

    Are these phones unlocked? Can I grab one from the store and take it to WIND or do I have to sign up with Mobilicity?

    • astudent

      Nexus Policy = Unlocked 🙂

    • Ron Mexico

      Correction not all Nexus are unlocked, this one is, however 3 in the UK locks theirs, as well as Docomo in Japan. So Nexus unlocked definitely not policy 😉

    • hidden clause

      It’s only available with a new activation.

  • GCooper

    If this had a physical home button I’d already have one, it’s just a tad too big :(.

  • Mark

    Wonder if there is anyway to purchase online without having to get one of their plans. That price is bonkers! Sadly no stores in the maritimes 🙁

  • Miguel

    Can anyone confirm that you need to activate a new plan with mobilicity to get this discount? Cause if not…These are gonna sell like hotcakes.

    • havy

      New plan required. $25+tax for 1 month. Fyi I compared web page loads on Mobilicity to friend’s S3 on LTE with Telus and found real life usability as no difference. I’m sure on big downloads LTE would make a difference.

  • Nexus

    let’s hope Fido would do this same thing
    so i could make good use of the fido dollars

  • deltatux

    Holy crap, now that’s a deal! It’s even cheaper than Google Play’s price at $350!

  • kyokeun

    Buy it, use it with my carrier, save money 🙂

  • NT

    Looks like you need to activate at least 1 month on one of their plans

  • craig

    is there any way to buy it outright without a plan? that would be sweet

  • surveillance

    I own one of these bad boys. Im telling you right now there’s no better deal on the market right now. This device is SOLID!

  • Proclaimer

    This changes everything. Get a Nexus for $300 and bring it to Bell prepaid for 30c/min and $25/month for 250mb. Great for entry level users.

    • kris

      yes because 100 minutes and 250mb data for 55$ a month is a good deal…

    • DaRazorback

      Why not just bring it over to Bell and sign it up for a month to month plan. That way you could use the 6GB promo that is 60 bucks a month and get it for 54. Thus you have a real plan without a contract and to top it off you would get it at a great price.

  • Proclaimer

    Rim doesn’t stand a chance now, if the new bb10 will cost more than $300 outright.

  • Radar

    I called 3 Mobilicity stores in Toronto and they don’t have them 🙁

  • Mr. X

    Best Android phone right now for $300 is a steal!

  • sickpuppy

    They are all pretty much out of stock due to a post in RFD a week ago , people buying them ,getting price adjustments lol

  • Quinn

    Sorry to all you fanboys out there, but as one who does servicing on phones, I have to say this one is a piece of s***. So many glitches and battery issues it’s unbelievable. It’s no wonder this phone dropped to $300 and TELUS pulled it from their inventory. I’m totally prepared for a bunch of “thumbs down” here, but you may figure it out yourself after a few months of owning this phone. Shame too, it is esthetically very nice.

    • Varroa

      I had issues when I first got mine (4.0.1) but ever since flashing to yakju (and the subsequent update to 4.1.1) I have been more than happy. Battery life averages 24hrs of normal use (txt, email, light gaming, FB, etc) and it is super fast and rock solid. I think the previous issues were due to the stupid 4.0.1 firmware that everybody in Canada is stuck on.

  • Custom Rom

    @ Quinn … in considering your re-marks on this phone, how about installing custom ROMs from XDA?, stock ROMs always have issues, and the expert ROM developers on XDA has awesome ROMs …

  • Dylan D

    I wish I didn’t just blow my last pay check. This would be an amazing upgrade to my horrible phone, especially at $300.

  • Karmela

    So…could I buy this phone outright and bring it to Rogers?
    I wonder if Rogers would price match…probably not.

    • Dylan D

      @Karmela pfft Rogers give a good deal? hahah That is a good one.


    @Quinn not sure what your talking about but I also service phons and this is one of the best Android phones in terms of of build and price. Battery life is even better after downloading the Jellybean rom from Google. I actually see more glitches with S2’s! And even though the camera is only 5mp, the pictures are very sharp! I used one of these phones at a wedding, added some effects with Photoshop for Android and Instagram and some of the guest thought that my pics came from the wedding photogapher! Video is also smooth with one of most brightest flashes to ever grace a phone.

    We rarely see these phones come in for repair!! Thank for the poor quality Blackberries with keep our shop in business!!!

  • YMMV

    just left a store and the guy there said its $300 but you have to activate the phone and prepay for 3 months at $40(ish) per month.

    So good deal until you get into details

    • cybik

      I thumb-up your initiative and thumb-down Mobilicity’s politics. 🙁


    Sorry for my poor spelling, typing this up on a Blackberry Storm I am testing after replacing the screen.

  • Andy

    how is the battery life?
    i wanna get one of those

  • Mobilicity going bankrupt fast.

    But Mobilicity’s network is only in 5 cities in 3 provinces. You’re SOL if you’re not in 3 provinces.
    They said they were expanding out when they launched in 2010, when will they really, really expand??? Should you trust their words now???

  • nrj4life

    Can anyone comment on the low speaker and earpiece volume? That’s what stopped me from picking one up in the first place. My buddy has one but is on 4.0.4 and the speaker volume is terrible. Has this been resolved in Jellybean?

    • haxor99

      When I first got the phone I found the volume to be low as well. I got the app volume+ and it boosts the volume very well.

  • Netguru

    The article is referring to the official Canadian Jelly Bean upgrade, which comes from Samsung Canada (through the carriers), which unlike their UK and Australian counterparts who released the upgrade weeks ago. The Canadian arm of Samsung is sitting on its a*s just like it did with the ICS updates.

    The Yaju/Takju are the U.S. updates which come directly from Google, which can be used with some extra effort. Not as easy as a carrier update.

  • rich

    I paid probably about $630 to get this in December. Lost it in April. Have been waiting for a cheap buy since then. Using my bb bold 9700 with a broken screen for 4 months because I couldn’t afford it outright.

    • pkosta

      just get a cheap android ph prepaid from virgin and unlock it

  • M Man

    There are people reporting Mobi dealers want two months of services to go along with the price of the phone. Some are even demanding customers to put down a $50 deposit in case the customer cancels their service beforehand.

  • rich

    I’ve been calling around and I can’t get the phone. I’m being told that I have to be a new customer. I understand that they’re trying to get new customers to come in the door, but I’m going to eventually have to walk out on them because they won’t let an almost 2 year existing supporter have the phone for that price. The only way I can realistically afford a phone then is to sign a contract with the big three.

    • Bob the Builder

      Cheapo alrert!
      What is wrong with you?

      You have been saving money with Mobi for 2 years, while getting unlimited everything, yet this is STILL not enough?

      And now you’re even threatening to walk out, and pay MORE somewhere else?

      People these days…

  • rookie

    Upgrades on these nexus dont come as early as nexus purchased from Google directly.. These are yakjuux devices and upgrades from Google comes only for yakju devices..
    Aall the yakjuux ( wierd name ) are still on 4.0.2.. and samsung upgrades them and not google.

  • Bond

    Did people really think that Mobi would take a loss on the phone, so you could go and and activate it on Bell,Rogers, Wind etc…come on now!!!

    @nrj4life Never had a problem with battery life but I have always been running on Jellybean since I got the phone! Rooted it right our the box!!

    On CM 10 and the Xenon HD v6 rom there is an option to bypass the volume level set by Samsung! It can get so loud it becomes distored!

  • ActivesiN

    obviously you need to activate with mobilicity why would they sell an unlocked phone without having to activate with them, that doesnt even make sense people

  • LW81

    and i’m trying to sell my used one on kijiji for $350! F@CK!!!

  • Jennifer

    Just got one at the Mobilicity store at Scarborough Town Centre. They have them in stock.

  • Aiden

    This is really a steal Google Play is seling them for $350

    • MisterX

      You can only get the Gnex Via the US Play Store at the moment, only the Nexus 7 is available thru the play store for Canada, unless you have a US Visa/Mastercard then you can get it unless you have connection to get it via the US Play store

  • Ultraman

    Just get it & activate on Mobilcity’s network! Don’t be riped off by the Big 3 anymore! Mobilicity has the best Back-to-School plans. $25 for Unlimited Talk/Text & Data! No Contract!

  • Ultraman

    Just got it from the store at Gerrard & Breoadview. They have it in stock.

  • Kroms

    I got mine when it first came out for $550 + tax,so this is a GREAT deal! EVEN if you have to just sign up for a month! It’s still the BEST Bang for the BEST Phone on the Market !
    I love my G Nexus. Will Always Buy Google phone from now on.

  • Grey

    I would be happy if the Play store just got some back in stock.

  • Edson

    Just making sure, will this work on the Wind network or koodo one? Don’t really know what pentaband means..

    • havy

      Pentaband means that it works on five radio frequecies. That covers all carriers in Canada. So YES to Rogers/Fido, Bell/Virgin, Telus/Koodo, Wind and Mobilicity. As a Google Nexus phone it comes unlocked which means you just have to change SIM card and phone will work with any carrier. If you live in Mobilicity zone you can also enjoy their $25/month Unlimited Talk, Text, Data plan or $35/month adds Voicemail, Unlimited Canada/US long distance, Global texting.

  • Cell Hell

    I paid $600 about 5 months ago. Sighs. You’re only cutting edge for a month.

  • Mobilicity Bankruptcy Proceedings

    Get your phone from Mobilicity, it’s already unlocked, and use it on another provider. Mobilicity is about to go bankrupt!
    They lost 60,000 subscribers last quarter, pooof! just like that!
    You won’t be able to get your phone number back, so get out while you can!
    The government won’t protect them because their customer service jobs are in Nicaragua!
    Get out now, Bankruptcy imminent!

  • Pentile

    $300 is a good price, but the older PenTile RGBG matrix is so terrible.

  • Chahk

    How is this “a drop of $200” when the phone costs $350 on Google Play Store?

    Nice sale still. I wonder if you can buy just the phone without getting a prepaid plan from those guys.

    • MisterX

      US Play Store only at the moment

  • MER1978

    I really don’t get why the Google Play store in Canada is apparently able to offer the Nexus 7 but not the Galaxy Nexus… I definitely would prefer the GN which gets all updates right away… but asking a relative who lives in the US to purchase it on my behalf through the Play store when she doesn’t even have a gmail account… and then ship it to me… kind of brings the $50 additional cost up somewhat when you include shipping etc.

  • MER1978

    “How is this “a drop of $200″ when the phone costs $350 on Google Play Store?” … since it’s not available in Google’s Canadian Play Store… it’s a $200 drop vs. all places selling it directly to Canadians.

  • Juleso

    How’s the Nexus compared to the SII X?

  • Rumba

    I can’t find it anywhere in stock. It looks like they advertise this just to get you in the store and try to sell you something different. This happened to me in 2 mobilicity stores already. Isnt this misleading/illegal? I doubt they even had more than handful of phones to offer for this price.

  • B

    While the Mobilicity Website says “Existing customers can upgrade to this device on any plan, but must be on automatic monthly payments.” I’ve been hard pressed to find a dealer that will let one go without an activation. Your best bet is to find a corporate store and get on a waiting list. Irritating, but not the end of the world. It’s a great price.

  • Jennifer

    I called the Scarborough Town Centre location again today 647-847-3634. Confirmed they have stock still available.

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    “The article is referring to the official Canadian Jelly Bean upgrade”

    You’re referring to the yakjuux variant I take it. I procured my gnex from expansys so it can with the generic yakju build that’s updated by Google.

    That having been said, even if it didn’t I would have switched it over to the generic build as my first act considering doing so is easier than pie.

  • FBhawk

    yeah this is lame, I called them and it’s only for new customers while leaving us loyal customers in cold 🙁

  • Sean

    Yes … you can get an unlocked one in Canada without contract. Just go to expansys or newegg .ca of coarse.