Sony Xperia ion review (video)


  • Josh Lubin

    What a joke of a phone.. no lie. Galaxy or One X for sure.

  • Sean

    If this phone wasn’t a LTE version of the Xperia S and instead was it’s own device it would be good. And by that I mean if it didn’t ship with 2.3 and if it had an S4 processor. They should of spent more time actually making the phone good then just making the phone for the sake of making it

  • Frank

    You lost me at Gingerbread.

  • Rhett

    What is Sony thinking releasing Gingerbread on this?? You wonder why they lost so much money because they make bone-head moves like that. Sony used to be a great product that you paid a premium for, now it’s more than an afterthought.

  • Nic

    What is Gingerbread?

  • EAK47


  • EAK47

    Problem is not Sony

  • EAK47

    Problem is not Sony, it’s Rogers.

    International model of that phone already runs ICS.

    Same thing for the Xperia S. It takes a loooooong time to Rogers to update their phone.

    Wish that carriers don’t put their bullshit apps on phones and the updates came from the OEMs and not carriers

    • Marorun

      This is maybe rogers fault for the ICS update fine.
      But certainly not Rogers fault for crappy hardware lol

  • Reg

    Gingerbread isnt the problem here, that can be fixed. A non-removable battery that can’t even get you close to days end… deal breaker. What is even the point?

  • bummy

    This still feels like the last straw from Sony-Ericsson. Made specifically for AT&T and wasn’t meant to be the flagship SONY phone we’re waiting for.

    I’m still patient for when this will happen.

  • montrealer

    Blame Robbers, not Sony, Actually, you can blame Sony as well for doing business with Robbers.

    • nick

      thats why no carrier in NA has ICS right? i am sure rogers is to blame for that… i***t.

  • Alex B

    One correction – Xperia Ion has a microSD card slot and mine took a 32Gb card fine.
    I went for it as a change from the Samsung and Apple debate and at $49 can’t complain!
    I found it hard to find compatible cases/belt clips (it’s tall) but love the screen

    • Marorun

      You know there is also HTC and LG on the market.
      Fine LG reputation for smartphone is not very good but i sold a lots of LG Nitro and none came back complaining so i guess they got there act together now as for HTC its simply the best quality build money can buy (i challenge you to find phone better build and as solid) So going for outdated hardware is not the best of idea..

    • chris

      I was just about to post the same thing, it has microSD slot.
      As for cases, there’s a nice silicon model available on Ebay for $1-$2. Really pleased with it.


    Sony Xperia phone features a good camera, great screen and high resolution display that make this Smartphone best to buy.

  • vengefulspirit99

    You lost me at gingerbread… but seriously… wtf…

  • Android FTW

    With Xperia t recently announced, I don’t think rogers will sell many ions anymore. The Xperia t has ifs and a faster processor, exactly what this phone is missing. And I think the Xperia t looks a lot better anyway.

  • Mokichii

    I love this phone. The update to ICS was killer. It runs very smoothly now. And even better, the battery is being used more efficiently. Charged it at 11am yesterday and died on my way home today at 4pm. Lots of web surfing and listening to music. Came with a couple new Wallpapers.

    I also really dig the look. People complain about viewing angles,but if you’re on a crowded bus or subway, do you really want people seeing what’s on your screen. I sure don’t lol.

    The camera is awesome. Takes great pictures and video. Can’t wait to see what else sony is going to be bringing to the smartphone table.

    Sony xperia Ion lte (lt28i) on rogers.

  • Osama

    i guess people like different things… i look for a good camera, basic phone features (LED notification), good specs… others are impressed by “a couple new wallpapers”…

    i had an x10, i liked it very much, but now its not working after 2 years…. but i dont like the specs here, nothing to get excited over…

  • joey

    got this phone on ics…its awesome… please revisit this phone with a review!!!

  • Rupan

    Hey, so when you record video on the sony xperia ion lt8i. It doesnt play in gallery or anywhere on phone? is it me or you guys have this problem after ICS update

    • Rupan

      ok i solved it. i didnt upgrade it properly. feels like its the best phone

  • rajen parmar

    decent prodect of sony
    i like it
    Sony xperia ion

  • davide1124527

    I don’t play game in google+ page

  • ashish raj

    very nic looking