Windows 8 coming on October 26th, will Windows Phone 8 be far behind?


  • Entegy

    Well, Windows Phone 7 launched early October, 7.5 came September 28th, so it would be logical that WP8 would be in that time frame.

  • Senseless

    “Microsoft has few options in its repertoire, and releasing Windows Phone 8 to market as soon as possible, with multi-core and HD screen support, is its sole opportunity to capture market share away from iOS and Android.”
    – That’s a bold statement. I think they may take more shares from RIM and Nokia (Symbian), but I highly doubt it’ll affect iOS or Android growth much

  • Donkey

    Well, having owned a Windows phone, I was extremely disappointed in Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 did little to improve that opinion although the addition of user defined ringtones did help a little, still not sure who’e billiant decision it was to leave that out of 7.0. I got rid of the LG Windows phone when it began to have software glitches like blanking the screen when in a call and bought an iPhone 4S, couldn’t be more satisfied with the iPhone. As usual with Microsoft’s offerings to the mobile market, I suspect Windows Phone 8 will be too little too late and that they have permanently poisoned their user base.

    • BB King

      Your user name “Donkey” definitely suits you. Though the way you praise the iPhone, it appears you have become more of a Sheep. As someone who has used ALL platforms, Windows puts them all to same. Never thought I’d sing the praises of any Windows based platform but iOS is sooooo out of date.

    • Matthew

      Conversely, i own and continue to own the LG Optimus 7 and it is by far the best phone i have ever had.

  • idonkey

    Where’s iOS when we need them? LMAOTF

  • Henaway

    They could dig into their war chest and buy some good will with a “sorry we shafted you” campaign … and work with carriers to give FREE Windows Phone 8 devices to everyone with an existing WP7 device.

    They won’t, but boy howdy would that buy them some good will and free PR!!

    • Dalex

      Would also cost them a ton (yes I know Microsoft *could* afford it, doesn’t mean it would make any business sense). The OEMs would never do it though, Nokia has been bleeding money profusely lately.

      It’s not like the existing WP7 devices will become unusable the day WP8 comes out. They are still great out of the box devices that offer a great fluid experience and ease of use, especially to people that are new to smartphones. And this is coming from an Android user.

    • Haythem

      Or what they could do is offer some kind of discout on a future WP8 device to the people who bought a WP7 device 6-8 months prior to the launch of WP8.

      That way their users won’t be mad and they can guarantee themselves that a good portion of those users will not migrate to another platform.

      They already do that to Windows on pc, I don’t see why they can’t do it to Windows Phone.

  • stylinred

    Well Nokia had pushed up their fall announcements to Sept 5,6 (Nokia World) and its expected they’ll be announcing their WP8 phones then
    Typical Nokia means a November/December release

  • Siddhardha S

    Loving the Windows 8 OS.. Using Preview version since last December. 🙂