SwiftKey 3 updated with Jelly Bean compatibility, bug fixes


  • Senk

    Correction: SwiftKey WAS the best keyboard for Android until they ruined it with Smart Space.

  • Richards

    Really? I don’t know how you type but it has been beneficial to me. Each update has been great, can’t see myself switching ever.

    • shark

      really? really really….really? to inifinity?
      i loved swiftkey too…but they have started updating and changing s**t just for the sake of change. i agree with the person who disliked smart space i find it awkward and i also find the new change to hide the exclamation mark and question mark etc under one button with slide up pop up…it forces me to stop and select vs just simply hitting one button…or holding down one button as a long press. its not intuitive.
      swiftkey is still better than stock android on my gs 2 and slightly better than swype…although not for stored passwords etc…swype excels there. but some changes are not for the good.

    • Dave

      there’s an option to turn the smart space off? or rather change what the space does?

  • Dalex

    This is arguably the best keyboard on a smartphone available. It’s the first app I install when I get new phone/flash a new ROM. I bought the tablet version as well for my Galaxy Tab 7.7 and its equally great.

    The only minor minor gripe I have is the theme selection which is quite small.

  • Mitch

    I’m trying it for the first time on my SIII. It’s much better and less annoying than the stock keyboard. I love the numeric keyboard.

  • Jamie

    Better then Swype?

  • boojay

    Swype still the best, IMO. Swiftkey was driving me nuts!

  • Chad Roebuck

    Only thing I find annoying about Swiftkey is that it messes up half the time in chrome – causing it to generate all kinds of non-sensical junk such as words like “ashahsdhfahfhaaaaaaaaa”. Works great in every other program I use it in (such as text messaging).

    • Andy Warhol

      Yes, Ive seen that as well. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

  • zzZZzz

    i’d give swype a try if it permits 3 languages simultaneously. until then sfiftkey is great

  • Rich

    If you haven’t already try something called “Thumb Keyboard.” It has some great skins / nicely sized keys for basic typing and otherwise. Of course, if you -really- rely on predictive text then it may not be the best for you.

  • Paul

    Smart keyboard is way better.

  • EddieWinslow

    Lucked out and grabbed this on a Google sale for I think 10 cents. I love this keyboard, can’t wait to install it on the new Galaxy SIII 😀

  • Steve

    Autocorrect hasn’t worked for me since upgrading to Jelly Bean … even with this latest update.

  • Adrian

    Thanks, but I’ll stick with Swype Beta. It’s still free and does what I need done on my 4.0.3 device.