Canada’s first “Samsung Store” coming this Summer to Burnaby, BC


  • Justin Credible


    • 0defaced

      you know i’m excited……hahahaha

      before he gets here SHUT THE F**K UP ALEX!!!

    • Denise

      You have that right! Last year I bought a DVI to HDMI cable for my brhoter for X-mas at BestBuy. Unfortunaltely, at that time I didnt have a LCD tv and because of that, I didnt know much about the cables. Anyhow, I bought the cable for $83 . My brhoter opened it up, and used it. Later that day we were discussing the hookup and I mentioned it cost me $83 he almost sh*t his pants. He was actually mad at me because I could’ve got the same thing for $10 online!DONT BUY ANY CABLES FROM BESTBUY!

  • Sean

    Hopefully they let you bring in your devices for repair/replacement as apple stores do.

    Also hopefully they sell unlocked and unbranded devices in the store

    • Azrael010

      That’d be awesome indeed.

  • Carlo

    I’m not really excited by this, but I guess it means intensified competition in the industry which should be good.

  • Gian

    Is that guy already lining up…

  • D.B

    Samsung, if you want to succeed in Canada, please start selling your device outright and unlocked to us just like Apple.

    A lot of us are sick of these evil carriers and more than happy to give you our hard earned cash instead of THE BIG 3.

    • David

      I have no idea why there are 6 people who disliked this comment. Looks like this website is infested with trolls.


    Isn’t this going to be the same as the sony stores ?
    Offer the phones but only on the same contracts and what not…
    I wouldn’t mind walking into them and then getting to play with galaxy phones 🙂

  • Kate

    Do not repeat Sony’s bad mistake. Selling a $500 phone locked to the most unrealiable network and the most ripped off network

  • Mike

    And tomorrow, Apple sues Samsung for copying their retail store idea.

    • PkaTka

      @Mike I wonder how you would feel if a company stole your product and entire business model. I know that’s business but I think samsung should bring something to the table as well. I wish google or samsung took a lit bit of leadership. It’s always on apple’s shoulders to keep pushing the boundaries.

  • jonathan

    man it should be calgary first not bc it will be like the sony store

  • metoo

    @Mike: have you seen any of the Samsung stores so far? They literally used collateral from Apple. They had gigantic posters with apps that were iOS apps.

    Apple won’t sue, but Samsung certain will copy.

  • Gab

    meh… I’ve been to one before… it’s not like I can’t go to best buy… except for chrome books…

  • jason

    Actually first store is in Richmond at Aberdeen mall.

  • EvanKr

    Burnably? I would’ve expected Toronto.

  • hinds

    Glad that samsung us bringing its experience to Canada. Hope it opens more and comes east soon!

  • David

    If they want to know what not to do for opening a retail store just look at Sony for reference.

  • mischa

    I took us a while but there putting that beside the perdy’s chocolates by the lush store not that from the door so easy access for product launches

  • crimsona

    Will fridges and washing machines be available for purchase?

  • Simble

    isn’t that a Wind mobile poster right in the window?

    • johnjo

      Yeah but I dont think samsung will be showcasing their phones on wind somehow, just makes their products look bad.

  • Hollander

    The key soundbyte missing from all of this is that the Samsung Stores are being operated by Glentel. You know, the same operators of Wireless Wave, Telephone Booth, Cost-Co Wireless. This isn’t a bad thing for Glentel at all, but for customers who just want to hang out and play (AKA: Apple Retail Experience), you can forget it. Glentel breads aggressive hunters. You can try, but you’ll have to buy.

    • metoo

      @Hollander I thought that was the case but couldn’t remember the name of the company. So these are really ‘Samsung Stores’ as much as they are rebranded TBooth or Wireless Wave stores that happen to specialize in Samsung.

  • Brayden

    Call me crazy, I thought Edmonton’s West Edmonton Mall, or Toronto’s Eaton Center would be better fits for the first one.

  • John

    Burnaby? REALLY? WTF Samsung? You would think they would launch in Toronto 1st. Biggest market and the biggest city.

    • johnjo

      They couldnt launch in Toronto first. Too many a$$holes.

  • Ginger

    Toronto can’t have it all, all the time. You’ll get yours soon probably.

  • Kevin Campbell

    Going to be there for the Grand Opening for sure. I really like Samsung products. Since Samsung launched the Galaxy S line of phones the dumped my Apple iphone and there in no turning back to Apple anytime soon. Awesome can’t wait for the Store to open.