HTC One S “Roughriders Edition” coming to SaskTel


  • EvanKr

    This would be great… If the Riders didn’t suck.

    • Paul

      It’s all marketing to them.

    • Kelly

      Looks awesome!

  • Alex Perrier

    At first, i thought that “Roughriders” meant a rugged smartphone. Guess not.

  • StBur

    They won’t.

  • anonymous

    At first, I thought that Alex had a worth while comment. Guess not.

  • hinds


  • CADStar

    This version of the HTC One S will provide seamless national coverage to it’s users as Rider Nation can be found in every corner of this great country. Unfortunately capacity will be an issue as there will always be one too many users at any given cell site which’ll lead to their calls being dropped and going to a phone user who’s a fan of the Montreal Alouettes.

  • Boojay

    Yeech, couldn’t they think of something better?

    • anon

      Do you at all realize that SaskTel is a company marketing completely to residents of Saskatchewan? This is pretty much the best thing they could do for marketing a new phone coming out right at the start of football season!

  • Ando

    This phone is disgusting… Why would they… nvm I don’t know why I even bother…

  • Richards

    Bah give it a rest. I’m sure it’s not like they have a million of these laying around. Keep a few on stock, buy one for that uncle who always cheers for them or even a younger team who is a die-hard fan. I think this is a fun move for everyone.

  • jbarns

    Great Idea IMO, if we had a Jets phone in MB at very minimum it would create lots of press.

  • jay

    This device is being launched simultaneously by all stores and dealers in conjunction with a mass campaign and events surrounding this device.

    Length Voice & Data
    3 Year Contract $99.99
    2 Year Contract $449.99
    1 Year Contract $499.99
    Monthly and Prepaid $549.99

  • Darryl

    I’m sure the 3 people that buy this will be very happy with it.

    • dstruct2k

      That explains the 3 thumbs-up your post got.

  • android fan

    maybe if it was a NFL team phone I would buy it and what are talking about the one s is a great phone

    • Darryl

      It might be a great phone, but Saskatchewan is a very small market, and SaskTel’s share even smaller, and the number of SaskTel Rider fans even smaller than that. It seems like a lot of effort to appeal to a very few number of people. Doesn’t make any sense.

  • Boojay

    Way to go SaskTel, you just unsexied the sexiest phone on the market.

  • Taman

    Didn’t realize they had cell phone service in Saskatchewan.

  • coop3422

    I’d like to see a Stamps one 🙂

  • Darryl

    Yes, it is.

    If this was released by a national carrier so all Rider fans across Canada could purchase and show support, then I’d say no. SaskTel is a small, provincial carrier though. Telus and Bell customers in other provinces _might_ be able to buy it (assuming it’s not locked to SaskTel) but Canadian consumers typically purchase locked in contracts because we don’t like the $500-700 upfront cost of a phone.

    Maybe it’s not dumb, but it does seem pointless.