TSMC hits 3.1Ghz on a dual-core Cortex-A9 processor, makes us weep with joy


  • bob

    Daniel, the HTC Sensation has a Snapdragon chip, which isn’t a Cortex A9.

  • Alpha

    Should also add “Now with amazing 17 minute battery life!”

    You can’t get something for nothing. Law of thermodynamics, etc.

  • Nick

    Actually, Alpha, a guy did manage to make a motor, electrical I think, that produced more power than it required. but he was bought out by the oil companies:/

    • TheCyberKnight

      Please, tell me you’re not serious.

    • JR

      That would mean that someone has actually produced a perpetual machine. Is that what you’re saying? Really? Kidding? Right?

  • mattprime86

    Moar power!

  • mattprime86

    Don’t ALL motors output more than they consume? Doesn’t every marketable invention EVER do that? If it didn’t, it would be pointless…

    • Alpha

      Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve heard of these magical perpetual energy machines.

      I’m still waiting for the 1800 brazillion kWh zero-point energy battery the size of a dime that’s supposed to be powering our inter-galactic voyages.

  • IAK

    Look at those processor ninjas! Honestly, I’d be more excited about a thin battery that last an entire week, than a processor that will have my phone heat up and sink through my desk.

  • Munir

    A motor will never produce more power than its input. If it can do so, then people will use that motor to run another generator while feeding the motor from the generator and use the extra power somewhere else. Then they will get power from nothing! You see how insane that sounds?

  • bb_turned_android

    This is great news. This will definitely lead to better battery life for the same power.

  • Zeake

    I’m NOT impressed. I want to see 4500+ battery. That will impress me.

  • Danc

    please stop trying to make your headlines sound like engadget’s. you should get your own voice.

  • Me

    I don’t need my phone to be faster than my laptop. However, I would like it to last the whole day.