Wind releases the Nokia Lumia 710 for $259


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  • danada

    So does that mean WIND is selling MicroSIM cards now?

  • d(V)


  • flage

    Yes to MicroSIM

    its 5 MP not 8

  • BB1983

    I’m shocked…. I haven’t seen a post by Wind troll Alex Perrier yet. What’s going on? Is the world ending? LOL

    • Alex Perrier

      i’m not a “WIND troll”. It just happens that WIND is my favourite of the operators. Oh, and i did try out as many as i could:
      • Bell Mobility prepaid service for a month, plus a former Virgin prepaid customer for several months
      • trying out Rogers, Fido and Chatr wireless service for roughly a year combined
      • signing a two-year TELUS contract and testing Koodo for a few months
      • a one-year multi-month with Mobilicity followed by two extra months of their service

      See, i tried all these companies for a long time. None of them are perfect, including WIND. The thing with WIND is that they were the best ones to understand me as a customer. They charge a fair price, and bonuses like unlimited WIND-to-WIND calling and incoming calls cost very little or nothing. Others are charging ridiculous prices for these. Their network is excellent for me, at least.

    • sp

      d’oh…your comment woke up the Troll..

      good job BB1983 lol

  • Alex Perrier

    Yay! 🙂

    i wonder how many more carriers and/or flanker brands will get Windows Phones. Bell/Virgin? Fido? Koodo? The phones are a good value, the software is fast and seamless.

    Good thing WIND is believing in the Windows Phone platform potential. i wonder if this will motivate manufacturers to stop making cheap Androids and to make quality devices. Anyway, i guess there will still be lots of Androids around $100 outright for those who want a really cheap smartphone.

    • T1MB1T

      Alex is a well respected member of the no gag reflex club! Warren and Tony just said today after swapping spit that he is a cutie and they can not wait till they get him in the back room! I am not into twinks so I have no feeling either way!

      Wind has the most megga hurts and will remain the best choice! 750,000 subs and growing! No need for LTE because our AWS is far better! Come to my forum and see how I deal with people who do not believe in tony the dreamboats vision!!

    • drone

      *Beep* Prepaid.. get a decent job and get post-paid. If not then have fun with your outstanding 3G (oh right 3.5G :D)speeds with their advertised 4G capable phones.

  • kickstart

    Check at Bank and Laurier store in Ottawa and the guy had no idea when they’d get it. However I think he was new, and he didn’t really make any effort to check with anyone else about it….
    Oh well, the girlfriend will have to go another day on the gravity 2.

  • Blarg

    Alex, please stop posting here….

  • SpectrumSchmectrum

    Mobilicity’s Lumia order is being held until the credit clears.
    At least that’s what hofo’s Mobilicity fans and readers are saying.

    • wind or mobilicity

      Thats hilarious… because Mobilicity is poor.

  • random

    You are a wind troll, Alex. The first step to recovery is self-awareness.

  • wind or mobilicity

    Alex, you have every right to comment. Don’t be like the rest of the sheep just keep expressing how u think.

  • T1MB0T

    So no nokia warranty? Epic fail yet again. Called nokia of Canada just now. No warranty.

  • microft

    It be nice if the 710 had 8MP Camera but sadly is only 5MP

  • Anthony

    why do i find myself sometimes seeking out Alex Perrier’s posts?