Rogers HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Rugby dummy devices arrive, launch imminent


  • Darren Clarke

    My name is Darren Clarke and I am a manager at Bell Mobility. I would advice to stay away from these devices. Comtact me for better deals

    • Tyrone

      You failed at trolling. Might want to use spell check the next time you decide to troll.

    • Boojay

      Tyrone, maybe he really does want us to comtact him?

  • Jay Jay

    Lol, do you smell that? Is that jealousy I smell!! Poor Darren….

  • Alex Perrier

    HTC One X is at a modest and affordable price! 🙂 Looks like this means the One V will cost even less.

    • Alex Perrier

      Oops, my bad. Confused the One X with the One S. 🙁

  • Jack

    How many of these similar Android devices do they plan to release? Do we really need 100 different models of Android cell phones, with 4 different OS (Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich).

    Pretty soon they will run out of buyers, do you expect people to buy 3-4 different versions of same phone?

    It’s a complete waste of natural resource. It leads to abandoned cell phone pollution.

    It’s not “news” any more that there is a “new” Android phone.

    It’s the end of smartphone… count on it, these “new” devices just have a faster CPU, better screen resolution… but at the end of day, it runs the same program and provides the same daily functions, right?

    • shiftastic

      Of course they do, just like everything else in the world you improve on what is already there. A car has been getting you from point A to point B since the beginning, all that’s changed is that they got faster, nicer and more fuel efficient (just like what’s happening with smartphones) yet it still performs the same daily function.

  • Tomatoes

    That picture is quite hilarious actually. Besides the buttons, the design of those two phones look similar except one is supposed to be high end and the other a super budget dumb smart phone.

    I still have no idea how people can think the One X design looks nice. It’s one ugly round POS.

    • Eluder

      It’s a dummy phone, wait till you pick the One X in your hands, you’ll see and feel the quality of a really nice Android device.

    • Max

      The Galaxy Rugby is definitely not a budget phone, it’s an ultra durable and waterproof construction phone. Wouldn’t be surprised if the 3 year pricing was around $150, seeing as the rugby flip from about 2 years ago is still $80 on a three year.

  • Milhouse

    Still can’t match the speed and smoothness of an iPhone…

    • Theywillbepissed

      lol the iphone can barely match the speed of the dummy phones let alone the real ones

  • Green

    I like the Rugby. Its ruggedness is more valuable to me than processor power. What’s the point of a super high tech phone if it breaks if you drop it? Resolution is passable and the price is very reasonable. Downside is the small battery and it will probably sink even though it is waterproof.

  • obostore