Google Currents 1.1 brings international support, improved user interface


  • Tempest


    Will this be available for Blackberry? I would like to use this on my Pearl 8220.

    Thanks for your help!

  • doit

    No RAZR or NC CM7 compatibility?

  • Catty

    Will MobileSyrup make their own Current version?

  • Emperuman V

    Finally, we get some Canadian love.

  • Alexander the Great Perrier

    Daniel, your fanboyism is showing. How about being less biased? -Alexander the Great Perrier

  • Dalex

    Tried it earlier, it’s not too bad, its very pretty, but takes some getting used to.

    I still haven’t yet found anything that could replace Pulse for me yet. I’ve tried all of them and the closest one to Pulse was Taptu.

  • Mikey

    Love currents .. looks amazing but slow. This update fixes that. I’m happy 🙂

  • Richards

    I like the idea of currents but my major problem was that I could not load videos in it (eg. deadspin youtube links etc) and therefore had to result to normal browser or rss reader.

  • Stefan Rees

    220dpi, nice.

  • Getulio

    With mobile web usage on the rise, it has bcomee even more important for web masters to get their sites optimized for mobile. Kudos to Google for providing this much-needed feature!- Ernest Ramos