The all-touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 reaches “end of life status” at Bell


  • Alex Perrier

    It has been absent from the website for a little while. i find this is a poor attempt to target the prepaid market (HTC Wildfire S, popular LG Optimus One and Samsung Galaxy Gio) with a BlackBerry that costs $100 to $200 more.

    Please throw these in affordable prepaid boxes, as was done with the Curve 3G 9300! 🙂

    • Manny

      I think the 9300 was a better phone, this phone would be a failure even on prepaid. But RIM being all high and mighty, they wouldn’t drop the price to make this phone around 100 bucks, oh no, they’re too good for that. Someone else here mentioned that they should have three phones and I totally agree with that, one high end, one middle of the road, and one low end and keep it that. Or have two phones, one high end and one low end, no in-between, that way all the kids that want to BBM can do so with a sub 100 phone.

    • PurrNokia

      Prepaid phones in Canada:
      8520: (They are still out there) $80
      9300: $99
      9380: $99

      RIM still makes money on the monthly bill IF people connect the devices into BBM network and or BES, RIMworld, apps etc.

      Plus they will empty shelves of operators so that RIM can choke them again with new shipments of ” the new curve” that is coming as they try to ship ( and declare revenue) Hopefully the “new” cuve/s get a more-in touch with reality price of $199-250.


    PHACT: Research in Motion itself has reached “end of life status”


  • Jesse

    I wasn’t even aware it was available in the first place.

  • EvanKr

    “Get this piece of history while you can…”

    Uh… No thanks.

  • Alexander Perrier

    This was a failure. Just like the entire Rim company.

  • TheTigerTek

    RIM should focus on 3 devices an all touch screen, Bold type portrait qwerty, and a slider. Maybe a low end qwerty Curve.

  • Alexander the Great Perrier

    I’m can’t stop talking! Please make this a prepaid phone, Bell.

  • Ron

    What a piece of crap. I knew this wouldn’t do well when it came out. No one in their right mind would pick this up over a budget Android device, an iPhone 4, or even a 3GS.

    • ovi08

      The device was not even meant to compete with the iPhone 4 (4s), so what’s ur point?

    • PurrNokia

      The phone retails at $370 right now. With that price it does compete with a Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy and iphone 3.

      That’s the thin RIM just doesn’t get: They are not wanted and can’t put a premium on their hardware anymore!
      At least in Canada:
      9300 should be $100
      9360 should be $150 (nicer but crappier battery)
      9790 should be $250
      9900 should be $350

      With the first two free on two yrs any plan and the last ones free on two yr $50. After all they won’t be upgraded to BB10 and the BB10 is coming up pretty soon isn’t it??

      As you can see RIM is doomed if they don’t sell and doom if they do. They ahave to accept this fact, and swallow the pill now , while there is still some interest for BBs left. if they take a couple of months more Nokia will get their act together and RIM will be toast ( Jam on toast?)

      PB at $99 is coming up in May.

  • sp

    wow my post to Phact Fynder gets deleted but those posts up there arent?

    really guys? i actually had a good comment on my post after my fact to Phact Fynder…

  • Chris

    Do y’all think the all-touch screen is the way to go? The curve all-touch and the torch full-touch are doing poorly. If RIM goes All-touch on QNX/BB10, let’s hope it has a keyboard experience better than android.

    The latest mockup with the 3.5″ screen and keyboard and virtual talk-bb-end buttons looks promising

  • wake up Mobile Syrup

    Whoever is harassing Alex Perrier on this site is the biggest loser ever and I don’t even know Alex. We don’t need to read your ****

  • Harry Dyck

    Who exactly is Alex Perrier and why does he comment so often on this site? Is he a rep from robellus??

  • BettyKoyle


  • Big Ang

    This seems like an alright phone, but the author had it right when he said it was 1 yr too late. If I was in the market for another Blackberry I would have bought this to use with Mobilicity. However, I think I’m one of the few that would want a fullscreen Blackberry.

    However, there’s no way I’m getting another Blackberry as my next phone. My Bold 9700 will probably be my one and only Blackberry.

    • Manny

      Trust me you wouldn’t want to use this with anything. We’ve got one where I work and people will think it looks cool and they’re all excited when they get it, then a few days later, they pass by and they want their old phones back, the keyboard on this is horrendous, this was a failed attempt at a full touchscreen phone by RIM. I really really hope their BB10 phone is much much better than the 9380.

  • Darren Clarke

  • Darren Clarke

    Feel free to email me for any technical issues that you might be having with any device

  • Cestlavie

    I’d be all over a horizontal slide out keyboard/touchscreen Blackberry running OS 10 like a fat kid on a Smartie! RIM, just do it!

  • kevin

    I looked at this but got a Torch. Just want a keyboard!

    • Manny

      The torch in my opinion is not very good either, but it’s better than this phone. Hell I’ve got a Nokia with just numbers, I think that’s better than this phone.

  • 3df

    This curve was a terrible idea to begin with.

    Curve = low-end, QWERTY phone.

    This is more like a Storm. Should’ve been labeled as such. Or maybe BB Gale for being a supposedly low end phone.

    I hope QNX turns out much better for RIM’s touchscreen endeavours.

  • A. Carmine

    The curves are already under powered as it is, I can only imagine the all touch curve to be a horrible experience.

  • SHawn

    I have the phone, its a good Phone..I like it. and I am glad the update is here for it….Works great for what I use it for BBM, FB, sending text messages amd MMS.