TELUS Samsung Galaxy S II X upgrade to OS 4.0 “Coming Soon”


  • Spot The Loon

    It was changed to Coming Soon about a week ago.

  • jeff

    Wondering how its gonna work with the physical buttons on the phone & the soft buttons on ICS….

    • kevinc

      Probably like ICS does for the Nexus S. If you have capacitive buttons on the phone face, the ICS software buttons are disabled and hidden.

  • Spot The Loon

    From what I have noticed, Telus seems to put up Coming Soon about three weeks before release of a product. So, based on it being up for about a week, I am hoping for a mid month release of ICS.

  • shaggyskunk

    Wondering, if this means that we can expect ICS for the Galaxy Sll LTE…. Like NOW!… From rogers or bell?

  • bong_sniffer

    Already got it…through XDA…get rooted kids…carriers will never out pace the dev’s

    • Lawlerballer

      Except that auto rotation is backwards, and callers are saying there’s an echo. There’s also other here and there issues with the GS II LTE ROM ports

  • brad

    the TELUS site updated to coming soon about 20 mins after you posted the leaked bell docs

    Im patiently waiting for my s2 x ics update or at least any kind of news about it.

    you could almost call me a virtual stocker of ics, if it was a human id be in jail now lol

  • Mystic09

    Dear Telus, I would like 4.0.4 on my galaxy nexus. thanks…

    • Sean

      That’s samsung you need to complain to

    • monsterduc1000

      Or stop complaining and root away!!! It’s easy and fun!!!

  • Steven

    Samsung or Google. They handle the updates for the GNex.

  • borghead

    Yeah, sure. I don’t believe anything that Telus says. We all know that Samsung gave them the source code the first week of March. So why don’t we have it as yet? Because Telus couldn’t care less. Their development department is probably under staffed and it takes a while to tweak the OS so their bloatware can run with out crashing the OS. Why don’t they give us an ETA? Because we might expect them to met it. No ETA, no failure to meet it. They sure treat us like s**t.

  • coolkidt989

    All these comments about rooting it and get ics that way are dumb.while there is some decent roms based off the skyrocket leak they still don’t have the proper kernel and run like crap that’s why none of the ‘real’ devs are touching it

    • monsterduc1000

      @coolkidt989, Sorry to break your crayons here kid, but the crew have already merged the 4.0.4 updates into the nexus s cm9 v.5 🙂

    • monsterduc1000

      Forgot to put in CM9 after crew :0

      “@coolkidt989, Sorry to break your crayons here kid, but the crew have already merged the 4.0.4 updates into the nexus s cm9 v.5 :)”

    • Pablo De Funkz

      the cynogenmod team has been working on ics for the t989 & t989D for a few weeks now. i know a Dev running cm9 on his t989 now.

  • Levi

    This is the best news I’ve heard for months!!!

  • mattprime86

    I’m excited about this for sure. Especially if the battery improvements are to be believed. But, everyone bitching about time frame should shut it, gingerbread is a beast and it works flawlessly. So be patient and knock it off

  • lcwm

    I brought this phone because of ics, gb ui looked old and not manage dualcore well, ics is more smooth and battery life should be better… cant wait… telus go!go!go!..

  • S2X user/ rookie

    Question: I have rooted my Telus S2X device. Will I need to un-root the device in order for the update to be installed on my phone, or will it go through as it would an unrooted device?

    • 1morematt

      I have the same question.

    • Hackdroid68

      If you have your phone rooted (as I do), you won’t get the OTA upgrade. You’ll either have to unroot, get the OTA update, then re-root or you can wait for the devs on XDA to release a ROM based on the Telus system dump which shouldn’t take more that a couple of days after the OTA update occurs.

  • Hammad

    Woot finally looking forward to this update let’s all hope it’s not shitty

  • borghead

    So, almost a month later and we still have the “coming soon” posted on the Telus site. I wonder what their definition of soon is.

  • shahab

    how to upgrade samsung galaxy siix to 4.0 ice cream sandwich system?