TELUS confirms Galaxy S II X (Hercules) OS 4.0 upgrade will be “available in 2012”


  • Spot The Loon

    Awesome! I am looking forward to it. In the mean time, I am more than happy with this phone. Just wish Telus would actually get the cases in to their stores which are mentioned on their website.

    • Craig

      Actually I don’t trust Telus when it comes to updating their phones, especially when they are so vague. When I went on contract with Telus, I got a HTC Hero (it wasn’t a bad phone at this time) with the expectation from the sales people that it would be getting an update to android 2.1 in the coming weeks. Well that never happened, and I ended up rooting my phone just to update it, as every other carrier had the Hero running android 2.1.

    • Mike

      Spot The Loon: Just buy something from Ebay. Don’t get hosed.

    • Derrick

      Go to bestbuy……they have a few cases for the phone. A better selection then the actual Telus store had.

  • Tom

    I love the way they advertise Skype as if it were a feature.

    Any Android can run Skype. What is special here is that Telus is taking money from MS to prevent you from uninstalling or stopping Skype on your phone. And they advertise it as a feature!

    Correct me if I’m wrong about this – but that’s how it appears to me.

    • Ariel

      Actually, Skype didn’t even come pre-installed on the phone. I had to download it from the Market…

    • Ronnie

      They’re just stating the phone is capable so the less educated consumer is aware. Most of the Android devices on their site say this. You can purchase Skype credit and have it billed to your mobile account which is exclusive to TELUS. Most other carriers don’t mention Skype hoping you’ll make LD or international calls on their network so they can rape you.

    • CrazyHorse

      Hahaha. 110% incorrect.

    • saki s

      Skype videoconferencing isnt available on every android handset, and until its universal, its not a bad way to lure people to pick an android handset.

  • Angelo

    Will the Telus Samsung Hercules work with WIND Mobile?

    • Thomas


      No. The HTC Amaze will however, as will the upcomming Galaxy Nexus.

    • Kenny

      I tried a Mobilicity sim card in my S2X and it worked fine, 3G and all, so Wind definitely will work.

    • Mobi

      yes angelo it will work,i am using Mobi on mine.

    • Garry

      Yes, it does. 1700/2100 frequency. I’m using the G2X on Wind right now.

    • MH

      YES this phone 110% works with WIND or Mobilicity.

    • theshocka

      from telus’s website.
      “Technology 3GPP Release 8, 850/1700(AWS)/1900/2100 & & Quad band EDGE” it would need to be unlocked though

  • Kenny

    S2X is definitely a kickass phone, but I’m not holding my breath for ICS.

    Couldn’t they at least say Q1 or something?

  • Sean

    Yup this phone will work on wind. And agreed pretty much every android phone with a FFC can use Skype so they shouldn’t advertise it as a feature

  • Clay


  • danmaskell

    I don’t think we ever doubted it would get ICS, the question is always when. I guess Telus learned from their Hero debacle to not be very specific regarding upgrade dates, but giving themselves a 13-month window is a little too safe. Why don’t they just link directly to XDA to save buyers the time?

  • Spot The Loon

    As long as it happens in the first few months of 2012, I’m okay with the wait. As I say, I like the phone as it is.

  • ted

    ummmm last time I checked, 2012 is in 2 months, not 13 months away.

    • Mike

      hence “at the very latest”

  • Dave

    Oh Ted… think outside the box will you?

    and yeah @Spot The Loon, I went in once on monday aswell as today to a Telus store and they’re all sold out of cases.. even though they told me to come back thursday since that’s usually the days they get their shipment. Other than that, the phone is really great!

    • Spot The Loon

      They have me on a list at the Telus store by my place. They keep saying they get stock in and it should be soon. But I have been waiting for a couple weeks. Not a big deal though. I could have a case, I guess, if I would take pink. lol

  • P kelly

    Actually, Tom, not all android phones can use skype. They need a minimum of android 2.3 and a forward facing camera.

    • CrazyHorse

      that’s only for video-calling, lad. Skype will work, i think, 2.1 and above.

  • Frank

    My friend is still waiting on 2.3 for the original galaxy fascinate from telus…update was released then pulled I still don’t know if there is an update for this phone??

  • Dave

    @Frank 2.3 is available via Kies for Fascinate 3G+ (T959D)
    I did the update for a few co-workers about 3 weeks ago.

  • SilentStrike

    Actually P Kelly… You need Android 2.3 to be able to use skype with a front facing camera… Not skype itself! You can use skype on 2.1, not so sure about 1.6 and lower though

  • Mathieu

    2012… wow they are taking risks!
    I can confirm that no existing Android device will be upgraded to 4.0 in 2011 or 2013… so yeah, that leave 2012 or no upgrade.

  • Oliver

    Let’s hope ice cream sandwich makes the phone even better and faster. I’ll wait a few weeks before I install it. S2X works awesome with 2.3.5. I got 2 cases from Ebay in the GS2 T-mobile listing. One with a closing magnet cover which I will probably not use to avoid battery life loss. The other one is rubber.

  • markonparade

    I signed a 3-year yesterday with Telus on this phone and love it. The teller told me it’ll support LTE as well in the future, so that’s two things to look forward to 🙂

    Of course, the very next day, Futureshop has the phone on sale with Telus for $49.99 and Bell has it for $0 -_-

    • gavins

      How on gods green earth will it support LTE , clearly you were totally sold a load of crap from Teluz. Where is the Samsung confirmation of this ics? I trust Teluz as far as I can throw them…

    • Alex

      AHAHAHA same thing happened to me. I bought my SG2X and I had the most inconsistent 4g connection in the middle of a large urban city so I went to get some answers.

      “it will become stable over time as they are working on it” … I thought they moved on to LTE?
      … “yeah once LTE is complete it will make your internet connection much better and much faster” … uh this phone ‘s mobile connection is HSPA+ the “fake” 4g connection … “well its 4g right? it will be able to use LTE once it comes out… don’t worrya bout it” … I just laughed at his face after hahahahahhaha

  • Steven

    For those looking for a case: order one from eBay.
    This model is identical to the Samsung Galaxy S2 from T-Mobile (model number T989). I have one from Bodyglove.

  • Mark

    @markonparade: unless TELUS agrees to install an LTE radio or gives you a LTE replacement when LTE comes, this phone will not support LTE. It does not have an LTE radio hardware which is the requirement for LTE to work.

  • mattprime86

    I’m on the fence about 4.0 still. I like most of the features but am disappointed in a couple as well. If it is optimized to use less battery though, I’ll jump on board..seeing as I use a replacement launcher anyway, which will most likely solve my problems with ICS.

  • noname

    Check this out… dial *#*#2263#*#* from your GS2

  • John


  • Todd

    I will believe this only when I see it. Remember, the Galaxy S2 X on Telus is basically the same as the T-Mobile Galaxy S2. The last Samsung Galaxy phone on T-Mobile, the Vibrant, never got the Gingerbread update. Does Telus, with its measly 7 million customers, have enough pull to get Samsung to update the phone even though T-Mobile, with 33 million customers, couldn’t get the update on the Vibrant?

    • Alex

      yeap! samsung has specifically announced that all g2 variants (of course including the g2 international) will receive 4.0

  • James

    I bought my g2x secondhand and it came rooted. The rom and kernel are stock. If there is an update, would I be able to update it or would the presence of root block the update from downloading/ installing?

  • dabigbubba


    All the sgs2x have a low light camera problem.I tested 3 different phones at 3 different stores and they all produce a red spot in low light condition ie;indoor lighting and outdoor in cloudy on (the red spot is back) on androidforum…to late for me :((((

  • iihcokey

    I bought Samsung Galaxy S2 X from Telus, got it unlocked. Now the problem is i was told it will work with wind, I used Bell sim card and it recognizes the network but when i insert the wind sim card, the phone says No Sim Card………..Any Help?

    • Jean-Christophe

      @markonparade and Mark:

      It supports Telus’42mbps which might actually be called LTE since there are no standards about 4G/LTE in North America. Rogers has a 100mbps network but if you get over 15mbps you are lucky…same with Telus 42mbps but I get ~5mbps if I’m lucky (in a 42mbps zone). This is just some marketing bullshit. We won’t see real speed over 15~20mbps before 2015 at least. The compagnys selling you a phone are the same selling you home internet….nothing to more to say…

      What’s the point of having more than 7mbps if they can’t give you more than 500mb of data a month for a reasonable price? Canada has the fastest mobile network but the crappiest usage cap.

      I’d prefer to be able to reach constant 15+mbps first, rather than have a theoriticall accesss to a 100mbps network.

      If you want true LTE go Rogers, but you have to pay an extra $10 a month and it’s only available in downtown Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal right now…

  • mark

    im still waiting for this to happen… anyone have information on when the ics update will be available?

  • Tyler Maxwell

    It’s almost 5 months into the year.. where is the upgrade already?

  • murray

    I bought my phone and based on the 4.0 upgrade. Can i terminate my contract if telus does not come through?

    • HaHa

      Yeah right..
      No it won’t void your contract. Worse comes to worse find an unlocking store they can likely root it and load 4.0 for you for less than $50