RIM CEO: “This is not baking cookies.”


  • Mark

    Android handsets “are all the same” ?

    Sure, but at least they’re changing and evolving all the time, and actually exciting customers.

    RIM needs change, and they somehow did it in the safest way possible by putting a younger ceo who still has the same old mentality.

    Still love his quote from monday “sometimes we innovate too much”

    • RIMcalendar

      and “We ALWAYS overpromise, underdeliver and deliver LATE” you can’t do that to cookies!

  • benji

    why is the title of this post referring to cookies?

    • Mark

      That is a quote from the interview. Follow the link to crackberry.

  • jellmoo

    Honestly, the one area that Android is really lacking is with enterprise level devices with top of the line keyboards. I think that bringing exclusive access to BBM on RIM Android handsets with enhanced network security would be a very interesting device. Buying into an existing and thriving ecosystem instead of trying to build yet another one might be a good recipe for success.

    • chall2k5

      how can you add military strength encryption to a base OS that is designed (since it runs linux) to be modified

      thats why rim wont create android handsets, and the reason the anroid apps play in an emulator

    • bob

      There are a few good Android devices with keyboards. Desire Z, Droid/Milestone series.

    • Manbo

      @chall2k5 Actually it’s pretty easy. There’s a reason why goverment and military already ARE using a beefed up android OS on many devices.

      @jellmoo It can be done and would be good for enterprise, but the drawback is that RIM devices accessing BIS and BES have to be locked down. A lot of the functionality of Android is its openess, which would dissappear on any handset linked with BIS/BES. It’s kind of a cath 22.

    • Manbo

      *ugh* “catch 22”

      Spelling usually helps….

  • Jason Keirstead

    He should be more worried about making AAPL crisp than making cookies.

  • Dave

    If they can get themselves back on their feet then good for them. Why wouldn’t I want to root for the Canadian company right? But I had my run with Blackberry and after 4 months realized it wasn’t for me. It’s for some and not for others. clearly not for isheep and fandroids but if they can pull it off, then they deserve the credit whet credit is due

    • Jack

      “From being industry leaders a few years back to pushing bankruptcy today”

      I have some questions for you:

      1. What was RIM’s profit this quarter, last quarter and the quarter before? What was it last year? (Note: I’m asking about profit, not ‘marketshare’)

      2. How much long term debt does RIM have?

      3. Can you find a source that suggests they’ve missed a payment on that debt? (Note: I’m not talking about an accounting writedown … I’m talking about being in arrears on debt)

      Scoot yourself over to their investor site, read their financial reports and then answer 1 2 and 3

  • Blah blah blah

    Rim management over the past year or so reminds me of grandpa Simpson from the Simpsons. Old, completely out of touch, and clues less about how to create products that modern people actually want.

    No I’m not just mindlessly hating them, I’ve been a blackberry user for the past two years… And to be honest it’s a little depressing to watch them fail so miserably. From being industry leaders a few years back to pushing bankruptcy today because they simply couldn’t adapt and kept pushing out the same crap. Want a laugh? Go look at engadget’s review of the new curves… Weak rim, just weak.

    • chall2k5

      Bankruptcy? where you reading that?

      RIM will not be another Nortel

  • keiYUI

    He looks like Stephen Harper.. Twins? :O

    • -DTECH

      LOL he sure does

    • aka

      he looks more like a younger version of Cillian Murphy.

    • aka

      correction, “older” version of Cillian Murphy.

  • RIMcalendar

    They should STOP development and releasing “new” OS7 devices. Spend the money for those devices in reducing the price of the CURRENT devices in the sales channel and try to put as many RIM devices in the hands of as many people (Curve prepaid for $100-$150) until QNX BBX or BB10 comes out.
    The truth is that the BB10 phone won’t come until end of October, let’s see if they manage to ramp up production in volume for the Holidays.

    Nokia missed the volume production/distribution for the holidays and they released their Windows phones in Oct. when all production, suppliers, airlines, etc are stretched out to the max.
    OS7 brings cashflow in the shortterm but it waranties a Fail in the long term.

  • max

    Nokia waited one year to release a windows phone and it seems this is working so why not wait RIM to see QNX phones . Always when there is a OS transition there is a waiting time

  • Eric

    if all android hardware was the same, wouldnt that be a GOOD reason for them to join in? they could be the differenciating hardware, etc? what a stupid thing to say.

  • idonkey

    There is barely any improvement difference in OS 5, OS 6 nor OS 7, I have use them all so DO NOT bluff the public. Would not expect BB10 to be much difference, look at Playbook .. that tell the whole story.

  • MER1978

    Multi platform BBM.. Please have the courage to kill off txt messaging.

  • jan

    all blackberries are the same s**t…

  • lol

    if this guy can keep up with the BS for 12 more months he will make 2 million dollars . Anyone want a cookie?

  • Nathen

    Actually it is there NON adaoption of ANDROID tjat will eventually Kill the Company.
    Blackberrys would have had the OS to compete with android and not to mention the tablets. BB needs to learn from Asus , look at the Asus Eee transformer Tablet, the best on the market in my opinion.