HTC Sense 4.0 will be toned-down and mature, with heavy Dropbox integration


  • Dono

    After using pure Google ICS on the Galaxy Nexus I don’t think I will ever buy a skinned phone again.

    Good direction that HTC will be toning down Sense.

    • Sean

      Agreed after using vanilla on my Nexus you can’t compare it to skinned devices

    • MrMarvelous

      Agreed. My Nexus is a champ and stock ICS is amazing.

  • prufrock

    I know it’s not popular, but there are many elements of Sense that I liked on my Desire. The dropbox addition is great; the Beats audio…not as much.

    If they up the memory and remove a lot of the bloatware, I’d have no problem getting a new HTC.

  • Dalex

    Hey they listened! Good job HTC. Now let’s see what you do at MWC.

  • Kenny Tang

    The guest feature is a postive step for mobile devices moving towards multiple profile accounts like we see on PC’s and laptops devices. I think enterprise would defintely be interested loaning out shared tablets and smartphones.

  • Mark

    If HTC can focus on just few releases each year with incorporating the best experience for both the hard core user and the entry level one then I think they will regain some of the fans they lost. Having a low end, mid level, and a couple of high end ones with features that are geared to each demograph will help in the long run.

    On a side note; now that the US is going after more sites, will they turn to cloud services like Dropbox and say the need to sift through all the folders to see who has “pirated” files there like music and movies??

    I think this could get interesting on this moving forward as everyones files will be in the cloud sort of speak and open for the US to potentially monitor. Even though they are secure who says the US won’t say the need to check it for “security” reasons and then say it’s too dangerous and need to be shut down. Just a thought.

  • barry

    “One of the coolest additions to Sense 4.0 will be integrated Dropbox support, with all new HTC owners earning 50GB in free storage from the rather pricy company. ”

    Hopefully like the 50GB deal from Box with LG devices, you can fool them into giving you 50gb on any rooted Android by changing your build.prop

  • Syrenz

    I like HTC sense now -even though it may be bloated. Cannot wait for HTC Sense 4.0 to hit my amaze 4g… Thought we were going to have it by end of January though 🙁

    • InfinitiGuy

      I agree. My first Android device was a Nexus S so I only experienced Android without skins. After using my new Amaze, I see the benefit of Sense UI. Looking forward to Sense 4.0

  • Andy Warhol

    “Guest Mode” might be an interesting way to put your phone into “kid mode,” turning off all functions other than the games you want them to have access to, and not worrying about them making calls/deleting something important.

  • Jack

    Free 50GB dropbox? That’s awesome.
    I have the 50gb box account and the lack of free pc software kills the deal pretty much…

  • Albert

    My HTC Incredible S doesn’t even have Sense 3.0 yet. I want to be able to take screenshots! D:

  • Tweak

    I hope sense is really watered down..almost to just a lockscreen (provided I can still use face unlock) and some widgets and apps…probably too much to hope for..

  • Stuntman

    I happen to like Sense. The Sense widgets are amongst the best I have seen.

  • Jake

    Will it be upgraded to the EVO 3d ??

  • Alex

    Why would someone choose a phone based on a home launcher…???
    On android adw, golauncher, launcherpro etc change all that…? Even stock gingerbread launchers exist.

    Screen size, RAM, and carrier radios seem more important to me.

    • Dimitri

      Because the Sense on HTC is one of the best home screens ever. No phone can come near that. Yes there is apps but this is made into the software it self not just a app. I know many people have left i Phones & Samsung because they both have the same look of home screens & app looks.

  • tweak_four17

    I like sense too, don’t get me wrong, but the things I like could easily be downloaded as extras from the market…ie weather c**k, lock screen, mail app etc…doesn’t have to be so large. Also I have had sense phones for my last three phones so I’d like to HTC shake things up a bit.