Sony “Tapioca” LT21i leaks show some mid-range deliciousness


  • Mark

    3.2″ HVGA is midrange? I beg to differ. I think at least 3.7″ with 800×480 should be a mid-range phone.

  • roman129

    Why are they wasting time on this low end garbage?
    When I was growing up, Sony was a premium brand that made only made awesome products. You would pay twice as much for Sony electronics because they were indeed on the bleeding edge of what was possible. Now they have a million different products, and none of them are outstanding. They’re just a me-too company making average products.
    I can’t think of one product category where Sony is the leading company. Maybe 3D-TV? Yeah, how well is that doing?

  • Mike

    I think this would be considered low range

  • Paul Mantin

    Sony should do the following: Make 2, maybe 3 devices. The “high end”, the “Play line”, and the “mid”. They need to STOP with the stupid shatter proof films they put on their screens. They scratch too easily, and if removed they leave the screen feeling like garbage. Use mineral glass still, or move up to gorilla glass, but start using oleophobic coating for that premium feel. STOP giving the user only like 300mb or so for app storage, and STOP with the odd digitalizer multi touch choices (x10 supports 1 finger, 2 through software…then their next flagship the Arc supports 4 on a massive 4.3″ screen…the the Ray with its tiny 3.3″ screen supports 6??? WHY?) Other then that they are doing an ok job. Previous owner of the x10, Arc, and Ray. Currently own a Galaxy Nexus and its amazing.

  • Rich

    Too bad they didn’t pop a 5mp cam and 1 ghz processor, then I’d see it as mid-range.

  • jaylen

    Lame as fu&%!! Has those same lame a*s Vivaz pro keys.

  • Madalina

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