Image: Unannounced Sony Ericsson ST25i “Kumquat” surfaces online


  • Ross

    Just thought it’s funny that you can clearly see in the reflection that the pic is taken with a Samsung 😛

  • lolololol

    LOL c*m-quad

  • Boojay

    HTC to relinquish “horrible smartphone name” title to Sony in 2012

    • Jeff

      Those are only internal codenames.

  • Justin

    I thought all future Sony phones would be branded as such since they bought out Ericcson’s stake in Sony Ericcson.

    • Dimitri K.

      It seems you guys are not thinking before you type. So anyways Sony had this phone on PROTOTYPE before Sony bought Ericsson. That means most phones that are were in prototype before this stage will rename the same name UNLESS Sony changes it last minute. Sony & a few others have already said this.. I guess none of you read it?

  • Adam

    That’d be neat if the white bar at the bottom was the LED notification light.