Leaked Sony doc shows 11 new smartphones in 2012


  • andy c

    8 of the devices listed are priced under $400 usd

    the two skyhigh priced models are most likely japan only.

  • MaX

    I want the Mint I. Most expensive = best

    • ToniCipriani

      The iPhones are darn expensive… but I don’t see how they are the best.

  • Ramy

    I really wish they release either Mint or Haybausa internationally, I want Sony to step their game up and take their number 1 place again..

  • 123

    I remeber when I had my first Ericsson, it was beautiful and reliable in its time. Shortly after Sony started making phones. They were soooo crappy and useless and nobody bought them. Then Sony and ericsson ‘merged’ to Sony Ericsson… and now its back Sony again.

    I can say sam about LG and Samsung – complete garbage

    I miss good old times

  • Door knob

    11 phones, that’s it? Step your game up Sony… disappointing.

  • Lee

    Considering the price differences, can we assume that the ‘Mint’ will be Sony’s first quad-core phone?

  • Jeff

    I want the Kumquat model just so I can say Kumquat every-time someone asks what phone I have. :p

  • JustMeAndMe

    Only Tapioca and AFFM are worth to look at. All others are just overpriced junk. Not the way to go Sony!

  • roman129

    More isn’t better. It’ll be eleven phones no one cares about.

    How about launching 2 or 3 really good phones globally. This way more resources can be spent on developing, promoting and updating each model.

  • Sean

    I’m glad to see quite a range of low to medium end phones. Hopefulkly even though they are medium end they are good quality.

  • EAK47

    Most of them will never head to Canada anyways.

    If we get 2 or 3 devices and the Xperia S it will be fine.

  • keiYUI

    I guess Sony will receieve a lawsuit from Suzuki in July.. LOL

  • CuriousCursor

    Maybe the Mint is the next nexus

  • DrizzleMeThat

    Oh look, we found the iTampon’s long lost half-brother.. the Nypon.

  • captain

    Based on the prices, I’m curious to see what the mint will be like. I just hope at least one of the higher end devices has a removable battery. I’m gonna be replacing my current xperia later this year and would much rather get another Sony over something else. If they all end up being disappointments, I’ll buy an HTC. I’m fed up with Samsung and their overrated iPhone look-alike series. Just watch how many thumbs-downs I’m gonna get from Sammy fanboys LOL Seriously though, I’d rather have an overall well-made device instead of the newest specs and a cheap plastic casing and hardware failure. 3 of my family members have had to replace their galaxy s at least once. I use my phone far more and haven’t had even one defect.