Motorola Mobility ships 5.3m smartphones, loses $80m in Q4 on $3.4b revenue


  • Adam

    Do you mean $110 Million? I don’t think they made $110 profit 🙂

  • Sup

    maybe if moto kept their promise about unlocking bootloaders maybe they’d sell more phones. hmmm?

  • dave

    Things will change when Google walks in. Unlocked everything and a beautiful new NEXUS.

  • dave

    ^^ That will be called a NEXUS.

  • bummy

    Really hope the next Nexus to be with Moto or Sony!

  • Neil

    No surprise here, their great product (Atrix) has been in for repairs twice in two months. Oh and Motorola does not stand behind it’s products, if they did I would have a new working Smartphone instead of one that keeps going in for repairs.

  • Sam

    Good riddance. My first ever phone (Dext) will also become the last phone I’ll buy from Motorola. Keeping a phone released in Q2 2010 doesn’t justify keeping it at ugh, Android 1.5 -__-