Bell Mobile TV bringing NHL All Star Game, Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Playoffs to smartphones and tablets


  • jeff

    Downloaded live sport stream, and I can watch any sporting event for free

  • Tyler

    The problem I have is that they keep making mobile TV more expensive. It used to count against your data cap, but I’m on unlimited data so I didn’t care about that, then they dropped it to $5/month for 10 hours, and now it’s $5/month for 5 hours. I cancelled it because of that. What used to be a value-added service is now just more expensive than it is worth.

  • crunch204

    this service does not count against your data…

  • joel

    no nba playoffs or finals??? wtf….

  • JL

    Where is the Summer Olympics? They have the Olympic Mobile TV package for both the Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008) Olympics

  • joel

    Bell : “hmmm since were in canada screw basketball finals and lets just air only hockey”

  • Dimitri

    I rather watch it on Justintv or some other website then pay for it & watch it on my phone. Not going to lie but how long do you think the battery will last on the phone while you are streaming this live on your phone?…

  • Rich

    Bell has exclusive NHL rights and the NBA had a lockout for almost half the season. Yeah I’m sure it makes perfect business sense to secure a license only guaranteed to bring in 50% of revenue on a service that isnt too popular in the marketplace to begin with.

    The funny thing is, this doesnt use Data, and when i went over my 10 hours, they never charged me. I dont know if they’ve changed it since the summer, though. Do they have an overage charge scheme by now?

  • freestaterocker

    Also available on WP7. For the five of us that went out and bought HD7s…

  • Jordan

    Bell is a rip off they will take advantage of there customers whenever they can