Rogers price drops LG Optimus Pad to $0 on 2 and 3-year contracts


  • Sanjay

    Thats pretty sweet

  • Pmpn8n3z

    I’ll take one on a 3 year please.

  • Dimitri

    I am doing the 2 year. I rather stick with 2 years then 3 to be honest. Great tablet & to me i do not care about dual-cores & such.

    Its already on the Rogers website so anyone can call in or go to the store & get one.

  • Dan

    I have a quick question- I signed a contract with Rogers last June and got this tablet because I wanted a tablet with 3G when I’m not connected to WiFi. I know on Rogers you can do a hardware upgrade with your phones- does the same apply with their tablets?

  • Question

    what’s the lowest data plan cost at rogers? i have seen a 6 something $ plan for 10MB, can i take this tablet on that plan (i am always on WiFi network, so i actually don’t need an extra data plan)?

    • Dimitri

      From what i know the only data plan you can go is with the 31.99 500MB. This is what i have been told from Rogers when i was going to order it. I might call later & see if i can get a cheaper price.

    • Mr. Reliable

      6.93$ flex data plan for 10mb, moves to 21.93$ for 500mb and then 36.93$ for 5GB. price depends on your monthly usage, so you could potentially just pay 7$ a month.

  • Tharan

    2-Year Contracts…Another Rogers FIRST!

  • Max

    You can’t do the $6.93 flex rate plan on this tab, the lowest you can go is the $21.93 500MB Flex Rate, which increases to 5GB for $36.93 if you go over the 500MB.

    Source: I work for Rogers, and just got the pad yesterday.

    • Dimitri

      This is true. I called & they told me the same thing as well. I honestly thought about it & its not worth it even on the 2 years. It will cost 300 to cancel within a year & half. If anything ill look for a tablet over on kijiji.

      But this makes Rogers look alright. $0 on a 2-3 year term is not bad.

  • wewewi

    Around 440$ over 2 years for a Tab with 500mb monthly 3G allowance is still pretty good;

    As far as I know, it’s still the only one that records 3D stuff…

    Could be worse!

  • Jim Shorts

    3g tablets are a dying breed with tethering on smartphones becoming mainstream and companies like shaw providing wireless in the city cores.

    It is better grabbing a tethered data plan with a smart phone. Wireless is your best friend and a nightmare for the robellus gang.

  • SAM


  • Dan

    Alright, I guess instead of an answer some douche thumbs my question down. Anyways, nobody should buy this tablet. It’s not good by any standard- extremely slow, and the worst camera I’ve EVER seen on any device (I’m not exaggerating either).

  • randomman

    their is a glitch in the rogers system with Acer tab and LG tab, if you sign 3 year, no incumbent fee…which means no cancellation, as per my contract

    • jay chan

      does that mean you can cancel the service anytime without penalty? Do you have an image that shows the glitch you are mentioning?

  • derek

    I hope everyone knows that this tablet is only running android 3.0!! There has not even been a update to 3.1 making the unit buggy.

  • Kevin

    This is the same thing as a the T-Mobile G-Slate, and you can apply that 3.1 update to this tablet, and it works fine. However, applying said update WILL lock the bootloader.

  • tanya m

    i just got the tablet on Monday on a 2 yr term. $21.53 for a 5GB data plan.