Chatr adds Unlimited International Texting, costs $5/month


  • TheTigerTek

    Chat-R shoud look into getting BlackBerry data on the network.. I bought my sister a the new Curve 9360.. she switched to Chat-R from Fido… Only to find out BlackBerry Data is not available.

    • Alex Perrier

      i’ve heard it might work for non-BIS apps, such as Meebo and maybe even the BlackBerry browser. It would be a great way for Rogers to clear out their dinosaur BlackBerries, and would help add them subscribers for Chatr.

      Another option is to use a Wi-Fi hotspot from WIND. That would cost $15/month for 1 GB, a better value than Chatr. It does, however, require another device, which can be inconvenient.

      Despite opposing the non-net-neutral BIS plans, here are some suggestions for Chatr and other providers:
      * BBM and App World free with all plans; and
      * Social or Email BlackBerry should cost $5/month extra for each, and also includes the free BBM and App World.

      BlackBerry is the only phone, besides feature phones on some providers, to offer unlimited plans for several mobile Internet services. It’s too bad that there’s still limits to what apps can be used, but these plans are popular with many people and a reason why they choose BlackBerry over another type of phone.

  • Oydevil

    How about making it free? Its free for $35 with fido, virgin etc….

  • XER

    100MB of Data???? Only Rogers can think of that!

    • Alex Perrier

      WIND sells the “Social Mobile” add-on: $5 per month for 50 MB, with a 10¢/MB overage fee. Yeah, i know, bad price, but same price per megabyte than Chatr. At least WIND makes this available to those who use the Clever or Pay Your Way plans. Chatr, however, forces you to have the $35/month plan for international SMS and/or 100 MB Internet.

    • t

      I have been living off $15 for 50MB of BIS data over two years. I go over 10-15MB monthly at 3 penny per MB.

      It is doable, as long as you don’t stream video over the network.

  • Alex Perrier

    Fix the comments system, please! It’s really glitchy, and it blocks this and that as a desperate attempt to block out spammers!

    And the spammers keep misspelling their words so their comments get through, anyway. 🙁

  • Dave

    Fix the website. You can never view in desktop mode even when specifically choosing so On iPhone. ASAP!!

  • Me Ted

    Holy jumpin’ mother lovin’ shite!!! 100MB of data? What a joke.

  • Milpool

    It still is pathetically limited. 100 MB? lol.

    TekSavvy sent out an email saying my DSL would be down for 4 hours last night, and while it was, I turned my phone into a wifi hotspot and used 920 MB (Wind $40 HMP). I could take a leak faster than it takes for me to chew through 100 MB.

    • t

      Teksavvy FTW!!!!

  • bob

    100MB of data. You know, Chatr, Roger’s “discount” brand, has the most expensive data of all the Rogers brands? After the first 100MB, it is $10 for every 100MB after, which is twice what they charge with Fido and Rogers. PPU data is charged at $102/GB.

    Chatr is a joke that relies on the stupidity of potential customers.

  • Collin

    Yeah go with chatR if you want a 2-3 year old smart phone, NO THANKS.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      oh colon… too bad so sad

  • Studystand

    A lot of Chatr hating going on here. I have a SGS2 and i’m with Chatr using their $35 plan, yes their offered data plans are pathetic but as someone who just needs calling within Canada, texting, caller ID & voicemail you won’t find a better deal around. Not everyone needs data plans (although I would love to have one, they’re pretty expensive and don’t quite fit into my budget)

    • Trek

      SGS2 with no data plan?
      Your phone is 50% useless.

    • Laura

      Your budget included buying a $600 outright to not use on data?

  • EC

    wow that deal sucks, i get unlimited global texting as part of the plan for $35 a month