Windows Phone update 7.10.8107.79 getting pushed to the Bell LG Optimus Quantum and HTC HD7 tomorrow


  • wp7

    It’s great to see Bell is still interested in WP7. Bring on the Lumia 900. It will be killer…

  • len

    Damit Rogers where my update?

    • Tls

      More importantly, where’s the Telus update 🙂

  • bob

    Hey since 7.1 < 7.5 does it mean that these phones didn't even get Mango?

    • bob

      oops stupid me

  • oooo

    weird, no comments from ijunkies.

  • I think i like wp7

    Lg Quantum here

  • mark

    I’m suprised noone’s mentioning the option for internet tethering is still yet enabled

    • Jean-Michel

      I was about to mention tethering. I sure hope the update will be included even though it is not mentionned.

    • glen

      teathering and voicemail are carrier dependant…if you like me have verizon…they have not enabled these features and if you call about it they sound like a bunch of dumb robots stuck on repeat trying to figure out what a windows phone is…verizon support of windows phone has been utter crap notice the one device as apposed to the rest of the carreirs in the US….

  • freestaterocker

    Finally! I’m so ready to be done with the disappearing keyboard! It’s been the only source of frustration with my HD7 since mango.

  • ajm

    Nice to see Bell is still on board. Thought they were done with WP7. So will LG/Bell ever provide Wifi internet sharing?

    • Jason

      I got the 8107 updtae and still no WIFI hotspot! Grrrrrrr!

  • Anirask

    This impressed me greatly. I had given up on Bell and Windows Phone becasue they’re not even selling the platform anymore but to be the first telco in Canada to push a recent update to it’s users is fantastic.

    It’s the level of support I expect for my monthly fee.

    <– LG Quantum owner on Bell.

  • Jean-Michel

    Please Bell, bring in Titan II in your line, I would buy it immediately.

  • Clee

    Anyone received the update yet?

    • Anirask

      Not yet.

  • Tristan

    Anybody got this yet? I have tried the ethernet trick and I’m still not seeing anything.

  • Bijan

    This just came to my Dev unlocked Focus on Fido (Rogers device)

  • Jason

    Bell LG Quantum… still no WIFI hotspot update with 8107. This is getting really sickening. Does anybody know if/when this will happen?

  • Anirask

    Still waiting with my Bell LG Quantum =/

  • Mathieu

    Still waiting for my Bell HTC HD7 update. Contacted Bell and the tech said that he didn’t know anything about any updates….Wow great service lol!!!

    Mobile info : HTC HD7 – Bell Carrier – WP7 ver.7740.

  • Mathieu

    Hi! Just to let you know I have receive the update but had to force install like the mango update. By the way I have the HTC hd7 from bell.

  • PF

    Any buzz on new Windows phone with Bell anytime soon?

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