While we wait, three Android alternatives to Instagram


  • Alfred

    I really like Lightbox. I’ve been following it since beta. Plus, the social media integration is pretty cool and they keep adding new filters for every update.

  • Tim Cee

    The one I have been using is Snapbucket. It’s from the Flickr competitor Photobacket. I find it has way more filters including some you can unlock.

  • Dan

    Camera 360 is also pretty awesome with a whole lot of filters, try it (:

  • Pahech

    I never get the rage about instagram or its equivalents.

    Is sharing and basic editing of photos that big of a deal?

  • user

    instagram is the most overrated app ever.

  • Jay

    Check out MyTubo and Streamzoo.

  • Alpha

    If you want a crappy photo, why not just use a crappy camera? Why take the effort to thwart the hard work the engineers put into making the tiny cellphone cams take realistic photos into crappy ones?

  • Rob

    Try Pixlr-o-matic which has an excellent user interface and a very cool 3 step process for a wider range of results: apply effect, then modify the effect with an overlay, then add a frame. A Chrome version is also available.

    • Daphne Maia

      Yep, Pixlr-o-matic is fantastic!

  • David

    Did you forget about GO Photo? Best Instagram-waiting-replacement-for-android 😉

  • Alex

    Cheers! For the Flickr app you wrote country rather than city btw

  • Louise

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Vignette…

    • Serola

      I’m surprised no one mentioned PicSay or PicSay Pro. Together with Vignette PicSay makes a great pair. Vignette gives excellent effects and frames, you can save also the original, and then enhance the picture on PicSay. Using PicSay you can send much larger pictures to social media services than what is possible with Vignette alone.