Untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S next week? Not so fast…


  • Mark

    Seems like it’s been extremely tough for the jailbreak community with A5 based devices. In the past 9-10 months since the iPad 2 with A5, there’s really been little activity in regards to this.

  • Boojay

    Told ya the S stood for Slow.

  • meh

    Occupy Apple…. we are the 99%

  • Kid_Canada

    I think the main reason why Apple is trying so hard to block jailbreaking is because of the free apps. This will have a major impact on developers making their money from selling those apps and this could also hurt Apple in the end(developers walking out on them due to the lack of app sales and what not). If it wasnt for those free apps in the way, I dont think Apple would care whether you jailbreak ur iDevice or not.

    • Alvin

      I disagree, in order to allow a jailbreak to concur you must find an exploit or bug within the device. What kind of company would purposely leave a hole open in their software/hardware when it’s been found and identified. Mainly Apple is doing their part in reinforcing and patching up the those holes which could cause potential dangers. Apple doesn’t appreciate anything that isn’t controlled by them, which is another reason why Apple tries to hard to stop it.

    • aka

      thanks captain-obvious.

  • ben sadiq

    i remember the jailbreak community saying their will always be a jailbreak and for free also now we the 99% finally got what’s coming from apple. one day we all will be saying goodbye to cydia because the jailbreaks are becoming harder and harder to do and we haven’t even gotten to the A6 processor yet we are still on he A5 and its this hard. but i still will never get an android powered device.i dont know about you guys but i think android os was made in like 10 min it looks sooo cheesy and its crap just the ui is horrible. i tryed using android and when i went to download a app it froze on trying to download app so i had to turn off my phone and then it started downloading. just a real horrible os i would rather stick to my old a*s sidekick phone

    • mt

      i agree with ben sadiq about the android part i dont know why you guys are calling him retarded. i think what he is trying to say is android can never be better than ios i myself dont like android i think these cheap smart-phones are only made for poor people who cant afford apple devices. every fn company is having android not because its so popular its because thats the only os that can go into their phones. you don’t see rim os on a samsung phone and plus you cant even jailbreak android sure you can root it but their no cydia for android so you cant get apps for free maybe if their was cyida for android i would be a good phone

  • Someguy

    @Ben sadiiq – Are you retarted.

  • Dantheman

    I would like to second the poster above and say that @Ben sadiq is retarded.

    • idonkey

      Retarted? Well! I think this guy just happened to be BORN STUPID.

  • Azir

    How does one get a developer account? Hahaha

  • Mark

    Where in that blog-post is there any mention of waitIng a few more months?
    I’m tired of uninformed stories like this one. It seems as though you write anything with iPhone 4S Jailbreak in the title in the hopes of more traffic to your page. Asshat.

  • Accophox

    @Azir: developer.apple.com $99/year.

    @Mark: It’s an uneducated guess on when the next possible exploit can be found. Yes, I do agree that it’s stupid to speculate on something like it… but it’s not an unreasonable guess at the same time, given the need to find, exploit, fine-tune, test further, and then develop easy tools for the end user to use.

  • Steve

    Well, i think, and many of you will agree with me, that pod2g isnt that dumb. I mean he pwnd The A4 on ios5, AppleTV and also the A5 as it seems. How on earth could he claim to not knowing that he wont be able to release the A5 untethered due some strange Apple restrictions? I hope the last real JB hero out there wont get on the same lane as all the other “fellowship of the s**t talkers” members like MuscleNerd, Esser & co. At least he expects that we are that dumb to believe he did not knew this. I mean why would he post a day earlier that he maybe will be able to release the A5 JB in about a week? Seems really strange to me if you ask…

  • JM

    Completely uninformed. This is pod2g explaining why it’s he A5 devices HAVENT been cracked yet, not a sudden problem that he just realized now. He has already jailbroken A5 devices on iOS 5 as the developer account allows him to inject corona (the exploit). In order to do so without a developers account, one needs a hardware exploit (called limera1n on A4 devices). This is the main hurdle that must be cleared before he can achieve the mainstream jailbreak.
    Also he didn’t PROMISE a week, he’s hopeful for a week. Let the guy take his time and get it done, or go and do yourself (can’t do it? Exactly.) this is an insanely difficult process and getting mad at people who do it and do it for FREE nonetheless does nothing but discourage them. I for one am extremely grateful for the work pod2g and all the other jailbreakers have done.

  • Mark

    @Mt Cydia, and Jailbreaking in general, isn’t about ‘getting apps for free’. It’s about having that little extra bit of control and customisation over your device. Many of the best Cydia tweaks have been incorporated in iOS updates over the years, but there are just some things that Apple won’t allow, which is why people feel the need to Jailbreak.
    Android doesn’t feel as perfect as it could be because it’s an OS designed to run on a large variety of different hardware. I’ve been an iPhone user since day one, but I still see features in Android that should or have only just made it into iOS.

  • Sloppy

    Why cant crApple just make the jailbreak possible inherently? Or give us that little more customization freedom? It gets more and more ridiculous each update… The iPhone maybe makes sense without a JB but the iPad is just so behind the rest without it.

  • Vlad

    I just got my iPhone 4s with IOS 5.0 and i can not Jailbreak the phone, BTW i just won the phone from here if I remember correctly, getappleproductsforfree(.)com please help me with a tutorial.