TELUS offering “up to $350 off BlackBerry PlayBook Sale”, 32GB will be $250


  • Habi

    Upon further review and market research, I have a better pricing strategy for the PlayBook

    16GB: $0
    32GB: $0
    64GB: $0

  • Quagmire

    does playbook have email yet?

  • Sean

    1) Buy device now at best buy
    2) Install OS 2.0 beta with android app support
    3) Once sale price goes into effect you have them price match it

    It’s a pretty good deal at $199

  • Kid.Canada

    I still don’t understand why people are b*tching about the Playbook not having email, calandar and contacts apps as if their smartphone doesn’t come with it already. Jesus..

    • Guy

      It’s the internet. The domain of the clueless and the whiny. RIM and the Playbook have simply had a bumpy road, and the i****s of the world need something to complain about to lessen the frustration of their boring, mundane lives. Let them scoff at this $200 fantastic deal, and go out to buy a “superior” $500 iPad. If it works for them, it works, I have yet to regret the money I spent on this tablet.

    • Quagmire

      so what happens if you don’t have a blackberry smartphone – how do you get email and everything else on the tablet? please explain. thanks.

  • TheTigerTek

    I don’t usually broadcast msg but I couldn’t resist on this one; 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $199 that’s a $300 price cut, cheaper than getting a 8GB iPod Touch. Its a great tablet at any price but for $199 you can’t go wrong. Here are the pros and cons.

    Specs: 1ghz Dual Core processor, 5 mega pixel 1080p HD rear camera, 2 mega pixel front facing camera (for video chat), 1GB RAM, 7″ High Resolution screen, HDMI out, Dual Microphones, wifi, bluetooth and more.

    PlayBook is 7″ very portable (it fits in your coat or jeans pocket), great companion device for ur BlackBerry phone. You can tether data from ur phone to the playbook on the go, sync your phone to check email, calendar and even BBM from the PlayBook.

    OS: The operating system on the PlayBook is nothing like your BlackBerry phone. Its powered by QNX which is the same operating system used in many German car navigations, Robots and even NASA uses it to control its shuttles. Its powerful and reliable. The user is interface is different. There are no physical buttons everything is gesture based. The whole front of the PB is touch sensitive. Ease of use is the name of the game.

    Multi-Media: Multi media is where the PlayBook excels. The browser on the PlayBook is the best in the business, plays flash videos, WebGL, HTML 5 and more. You can use the HDMI port to output your PB screen to your TV or Projector(Yes you can stream flash videos from the PlayBook watch it on your TV), even snyc a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard use it like a computer. There is a built in music store and video store is on the way. For music videos there are apps like Vevo which is free.

    Multi-Tasking: Multi-tasking on the PlayBook is not app switching like on iPad or Android tablets. For example if you were watching a youtube video on the iPad you press the home button the youtube video will stop whereas on the PlayBook it will still be playing in the background. Also let’s say your showing a powerpoint or playing a video out to your TV and quickly you want check something on the web you can make it so the video/powerpoint keeps playing on the TV while you use your PlayBook. That’s the power of QNX.

    App selection: The app selection on the PlayBook is growing daily. RIM includes some great apps for free like Need For Speed, Tetris, Words To Go, Kobo Book Reader, Excel and PowerPoint. Just the last 3 apps would cost you $14.99 each on the iPad. Soon with the 2.0 update you would be able to use Android apps right from your PlayBook.

    OS 2.0: RIM has already shown us some of the features of the next major OS upgrade to the PlayBook. OS 2.0 will be released in early 2012. It will bring Native email (now you have to use the browser or tether your BlackBerry Phone), contacts and calendar those are the major issue with PlayBook OS right now. RIM will also include Android App player which will give access to use Android apps. The UI will be tweaked for more ease of use. There are rumors of being able to answer phone calls from your PlayBook when your phone is tethered which is great. These are some of the features coming the PlayBook next year.

    P.S Yes you can get AngryBird, Deadspace, SIMS, Madden and more games on the PlayBook.

    CONS: Tricked you there aren’t any cons especially at this price.

    • TheBoze

      CONS: nobody wants one.

    • Boozer

      your claim falls short – wayyy short of making a valid argument.

    • emc

      First off, I was at a Bell Store just yesturday and they are still selling them for $199. I bought one on sale last month at $199 but I ended up returning it when the lastest update broke the wi-fi. I have to admit, QNX is a really good tablet OS (I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Tab) and didn’t mind the missing e-mail client. I figured version 2.0 would fix that. BUT, without wi-fi working, this thing is a brick. RIM is blowing their chances big time. They have the hardware, the have the best tablet OS (in my opinion) but they can’t execute properly and it’s going to cost them. They lost me as a customer and now I will never buy another product from RIM.

  • Tim

    This is what the prices should be for this device
    16gb: $99
    32gb: $199
    64gb: $269

    Now that would be a reasonable price for this basic small tablet

    • sp

      have you actually tried the device?

      its very far from basic.

      get your hands on one and give it a test before you call it basic.

      i prefer this tablet over the ipad hands down. you have a tablet with so much potential for home/business use and a toy on the other.

  • sandi

    So, how do we go about getting one? Is this an online Telus deal?

  • Quagmire

    save your money and buy a Asus transformer pad. or you can buy an incomplete tablet that will be phased out in few months when rim dies

  • Linder

    I bought a playbook @ 199 and returned it. garbage. it is a glorified web browser. sorry rim but i can do the same thing on my phone – you don’t introduce anything special here that other tablets can do.

    • Sean

      Yeah, I did the same. I have an iPad 2 and smartphones, and I didn’t find a reason to keep the Playbook even at $199. I don’t mean to sound like a fanboy, but the Playbook really falls short when compared to the iPad and even Honeycomb tablets. It sucks not having email and calendar sync, and apps suck on the device. You cannot use it as your main device, even for one day.

      Browser is nice, and 7 inch size is good for portability. But I don’t think it’s worth $199 for people who already have smartphones. $99 makes more sense.

      I can understand why other people would like it, if they don’t already have tablets. But the iPad so much better, even at more than double the price.

  • Mark

    just a heads up, best buy and future shop will be having these at the same prices on boxing day.

    I wish RIM finished this product before they launched it as it would be doing far better than it has so far. If native email, contacts and calendar were part of the opening day package people wouldn’t be talking so negatively about it. It’s an excellent device at this price and will only get better with the update in software.

  • Betty Koyle

    go Apple go…

  • liquidcash

    16GB at $99 in January its better, just wait until the rumors go away and RIMM goes to $10 per share.

  • IL

    Bought a playbook for $100+ tax benefits + tax from a friend with employee pricing just cause it was cheap. It was complete garbage, resold it and got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead.

  • Trickster_qc

    At 199$ for a 8Gb model, it’s a very good deal.

    the 300$ markup for the 64GB is a bit steep, tho.

    If i had 200$ in loose cash, I’d buy one just to watch Netflix in my bed.

    • Trickster_qc

      200$ mark up!

    • kad

      not 8 gig
      16 gig

  • Guy

    Without any data/voice plans, a new smartphone costs $600+. Without any data plans, a new tablet (bigger, more powerful) costs $400+. And yet, we complain that tablets are expensive and phones are fine.

  • Cmp

    You must purchase this in store and we haven’t had a 16 gb in for a month

  • clay

    Were was this posted with telus? i dont see anything in partners about this….

    any one know were it was posted?

  • Rt

    This is a great tablet for this point. You dont need a blackberry for email on this. You just use gmail,hotmail,yahoo,Facebook etc on this tablet

  • DJ

    Almost bought one today. I have used blackberry products for years but switched to Android and Galaxy 10.1. I liked blackberry products for $199.00 Does anyone think its a good gamble. I might get one just to see if RIM rebounds. Now how do you access your email on the device?

  • OnMedic

    OK, for clarity sake… the OS upgrade coming down the pipe for the Playbook will allow the current PB to be upgraded to include native email?

  • cellness

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a Playbook, a BlackBerry Torch, a Google Nexus and my dad has both iPads so I’ve had a chance to play with each extensively (not bragging I just work for a wireless carrier so get to try them all out)

    The portability of the Playbook is pretty sweet if you use public transit or will be carrying it around often. Never thought I’d say this but when I use Android, I find myself wishing the OS worked as well as the Playbook’s, I really love the Playbook OS’ flow. What blows is the app selection, there is no defending it. So in my honest opinion this deal is great if you need something to browse or want to easily watch streamed content on your TV (you can get a HDMI cable online for luess than 10 bucks) If youre an app junkie you know which device to get, still a mystery if RIM will deliver on that 2.0 update.

    Someone said it best earlier…at 200 bucks, you couldn’t even get a decent Smartphone (and outdated) SmartPhone at that price so its definately a good deal.

  • cellness

    On medic yes the update would give the PB native email, calendar, contacts and compatibility to android apps (but I think wouldn’t have 100% compatibility…example if the app used GPS it wouldn’t support that feature). Just worried it will actually happen they already delayed this update multiple times and there’s so many rumors the PB will be phased out…

  • Guy

    Everyone rumours it, but thus far Playbook is the only product that is consistently being defended by the company in the news. With the delay of BB10 until late 2012, RIM can’t afford to delay 2.0 again. They may not be able to afford even waiting until February with the latest twists, but if they want to do anything other than disappear into nothingness, they have to release it.

  • Pahech

    To access emails:

    Use the browser.

  • goobon lagosa

    If you think $199 is a good deal, how about $99, 150 and $200? That’s what employees can get them for if you know someone. Believe it or not, even at those prices, they aren’t moving amongst their own workers. LOL. I know a few who bought a bunch and re-sold them for a quick profit just before christmas.

    The reality of it is this tablet is not as useful as the alternatives when you look at the BB appworld. All you gadget people know this…a gadget like this is only as good as it’s support, and this playbook just does not have it. A tablet without software is as useless as a computer with just the bare OS (like windows) when you cannot buy/find any other software to run on it. Aftermarket support is what MAKES IT useful.

  • Sell iPhone

    Is this an online Telus deal?

  • RI

    I cannot find a Telus website in the USA that is offering this deal. Could someone please post the website?