HTC Sensation gets its first Ice Cream Sandwich custom ROM

The last few weeks have seen the first inklings of OEMs like Samsung, Sony Ericsson and now HTC putting the first touches to an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM.

A test ROM has leaked from HTC’s clutches showcasing Android 4.0.1 underneath what looks like Sense 3.5. Modders are feverishly adapting it to their own Sense devices but it looks like the Sensation is the first Canadian Android to benefit from these keen hackers’ skills.

By no means is this a finished product — while most of the phone features work, there are a lot of bugs — it is a good indication of what will be coming down the pipe in early 2012. We know that HTC has promised updates to many of their 2011 devices, and Bell looks to have it by February so we’ll just have to see how much longer it takes.

Check out the ROM, if you dare, at XDA-Developers. Just remember to back up your existing files!
(Thanks Mark!)