Update: TELUS and Koodo LG Optimus One upgrade to OS 2.3 now available


  • Barry

    No word on Ice Cream?

    • havy

      Doubt it with just 600MHz CPU.

  • Em

    Does this mean koodo will follow with an upgrade too? Hopefully.

  • Colin

    There is one thing about the upgrade. It does seem to need 50 megabytes free to complete. I had to clear a few caches and such for it to work.

  • crimsona

    Digging through the links provided by Telus, the update on LG’s site lists Telus_Koodo, so I believe it’s for both. However, the version number is v10s, which is 2.2.1 still.

    Will check back later

  • asdf

    WTF, my lg optimus black doesnt have 2.3 yet and this piece crap does?

    • bob

      I think optimus one is more popular

  • Marcus

    Would also like to know if it’s out for Koodo too!

  • Ed

    I guess someone needs to boot up LG Mobile update and see if it brings up an update for Koodo. Would be great if someone could do this for Koodo Optimus One users.

  • Randy

    I tried with my Koodo phone and it tells me there is a fatal error.

    • Ed

      The “fatal error” might mean that it’s in the pipe but not released just yet. It’s exactly what I got with my TELUS Optimus One a few days ago. I would bet they are just working on rebranding for Koodo or something like that.

    • mjbad

      Same Fatal error. Does not work.

  • Rich

    All I can say is…
    Thank god for rom developers! You make this nonsense inapplicable to the end-user.

  • jpbaril

    Rooted and using 2.3 Roms since… oh well, I can’t remember, it’s been so much a long time! :)-

  • Jai

    My Optimus One is now stuck in emergency mode. Thank you, LG.

    • Mark

      so was mine. take out the battery then try the update again (with your phone off). mine was at 49% updating, then the program crashed. turned my phone on and its running gingerbread. don’t think the update is all there though because the market crashes everytime i try accessing my apps…


    COME ON KOODO!!!!!

  • Jim R

    Stupid question time: this is NOT an OTA update?

  • Emma

    I have a question. I understand that the upgrade is from Telus. I bought the phone from Koodo but im with rogers for service. Will I be able to upgrade my phone still or is this a stupid question. If not, is there a way to upgrade my phone….thanks a bunch!

  • Beth

    In the middle of the upgrade my phone gave me the yellow Emergency Mode screen. I took out the battery and from there on only the LG screen comes up. Called Telus and I had to take it in to go away for repair. Even a hard reset didn’t work. So frustrating.

  • Alan

    the update seems to have killed my battery life. like 10% drain per hour…

  • Floyd Low

    The upgrade worked fine

    The Telus “how to” text isn’t correct

    You have to download the installer, then make sure your Desktop/Laptop read the phone details.

    There is an option tag in the right which should pickup your phone and serial number

    Then – look at the top menu – you should see several choices – one of them goes into the database of phones – you pick your P500H – it down loads – and if all is synched right you’ll see a software interface they don;t even describe come up. That then runs the driver etc into your phone.

    The updated phone looks good.

    Now – Telus – how about a Galaxy 4G for doing your homework for you ????? 🙂

  • gmd

    V10s is 2.2.1, not 2.3

  • Benji

    I upgraded my Optimus One last night. It took about 10 minutes all together. Re: the emergency mode screen. Mine showed this for about 3 minutes. Let it get past that.
    Like Alan, though, I’ve also noticed a significantly worse battery performance. I’ve just disabled background data so I can get through the rest of the day.

  • Wes

    Waiting for FIDO to follow suit for the LG optimus 2x

  • Ley

    I upgraded mine phone (koodo) last night

  • Drodro

    I want to hear more feedback from people about the battery life before I do the update. Doesn’t look very good so far!

  • Mendozer

    Tho koodo site doesn’t make any sense. It’s telling me “If your software version is LG-P500h-V10v you don’t need an upgrade” but that’s 2.2.1 version… can someone who owns the koodo optimus one and already download it tell me if it’s working?

    • John

      Got my Koodo Optimus One updated a couple (2) days ago. Using the LG Update software. Took a few tries as a few days before that it would stop after the “Analyse” portion. All good now, but can’t speak of the battery performance as I don’t use the phone that much 🙂

      Although, the Wi-Fi indicator icon is much easier to see signal strength now…

  • Earl L

    Installing Gingerbread CM7 Custom ROM by mik_os from xda is probably the best thing you could do to your Optimus One, definitely improves battery consumption and overall performance. That is, if you don’t mind voiding the warranty of course. 🙂

  • IA

    hey the update is working for my Koodo Device tool about 14 minutes.

  • rob

    I have a Koodo optimus one. Currently using it on Telus with a Telus sim card. What 2.3 software do I install ? From Koodo or Telus ? Or soes the LG tool figure it out.

  • Peter

    I also have a Koodo phone using it on Telus, I just used the LG Tool to upgrade. Everything works fine, it even fixed a SMS issue that I had with my phone.

  • Infinitime

    I’m on FIDO, but using an unlocked Koodo Optimus One… Just installed Gingerbread. Seems to work fine. Only issue so far, as many hae pointed out already, is that it really drains the battery! On Standby along, battery is down about 20% over the course of the last four hours?!! This can’t possibly be right? Also, the reception signal bars don’t seem to fluctuate more now? Those being the exception, everything else seems to be working fine. And there is now considerably less lag with Angry Bird, and with general scrolling across screens!

  • Ley

    I have found my self charging my phone a lot more now than before with the update.. Not Pleased!

  • Alex

    I upgraded my Optimus One phone from Koodo successfully 2 days ago. Everything looks great.

    BUT sweet Jesus, the battery life has gone to hell! At work, before the upgrade, I could leave the phone with Airplane Mode OFF and it’d last for over 15 hours(usually more, but don’t want to exaggerate), and over 2 days with Airplane Mode ON.

    Now, even with Airplane Mode ON, the battery goes below 50% in less than FOUR hours. The hell is wrong with the update? So much for the ‘increased performance/battery life’ The phone ALSO runs quite warm now. Seriously…this is terrible.

  • mjbad

    did the upgrade but now battery drains very fast.very much disappointed.

  • bob

    I dont know how to update it. how did you guys update yours?

  • Brian

    First of all, never upgrade unless there is something you want in the upgrade.
    The whole reason I upgraded was for the proxy settings…

    I tried to upgrade mu koodo optimus one from 2.2.1 to 2.3.3 and it lost connectivity to my pc part way through and was stuck in emergency mode. i used the lg upgrade tool and followed the instructions carefully. The upgrade sw is awful. Hard reset did not work so i had to send it back to be fixed. Koodo put 2.3.3 on it and i have it back now. Battery is a bit worse but what puzzles me is why I do not see proxy settings under Wi-fi Settings?
    The whole reason I upgraded was for the proxy settings…
    Where are they? Who sold me these magic beans?

  • Edm Telus User

    While please with v2.3 features but it drains the battery. Where was the QC and I want a fix.

  • Zen

    I’m using Koodo Optimus One, upgraded to 2.3 two days ago using LG upgrade. It took a while, but ended without problems. But now my battery dies so fast!! It used to last at least three days before; now I have to recharge every night. I disabled background data too, but didn’t improve much. I need an urgent fix. Whom should I ask for help – to Koodo or LG or Android?!

    • Zen

      Million thanks to Future Shop guy! I stopped by the other day with the hope to find a cure to my dying battery. He advised to power off the phone for about half an hour. It was late in the evening, so my battery was already dead anyway. I came home, and after half an hour, I plugged in the battery charger without turning on the phone. The next morning I took the power cord off, turned on the phone, and my battery had returned to its old shape! I hope this helps to anyone who still struggles with battery life in LG Optimus One after Android upgrade.

  • Al

    Don’t do it. My phone was ran great until the upgrade. Now it won’t stay connected to the internet and locks up all the time. In regards to apparent better power management mine is now worse.