Upcoming Bell LG Optimus LTE has an “Approx retail value $629.95”


  • bob

    Great specs but high price.

  • Andouille

    Added to my list of Could be my next phone…choice to be made before Christmas! 🙂

  • Sharee

    Great specs

  • Sharee

    The only negative aspect is the price, it is too high

  • EAK47

    An LG phone over 600$?

    B**** please.

  • EmperumanV

    I wouldn’t pay that much for LG crap. Utter waste imo!

  • Barry

    LG sucks.

    They are probably gonna find a way to **** it up.

  • Cave Man

    Just tried the LG Chic today in store, way too slow compared to the similar priced Gio

  • Lean-N-Supreme

    Bell, you can keep the LG.

    All we want is the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Satroyd

    The Contest is open to all individuals who:
    (a) reside in Canada (excluding Quebec);

    F**k !

  • nc

    and still not as expensive as the iphone

  • Pahech

    What happens to the first bunch of superphones?


  • Steve

    I would never buy an LG, their not trustworthy to keep their promises to give out updates. And the price is way way to high. What are the prices going to be next year or the next for a simple phone $1500.00 or something,,lol.. This phone or others shouldn’t be more than $300, cellphone companies are making the prices so high on purpose to force you into a contract, cause who in their right mind would pay over $700 for a simple cellphone thats only worth under $300, the rest is 75% mark up.

  • MARS

    It’s a shame they don’t update these phones because the hardware is pretty good! You would think it would be easy for them since they are running vanilla Android.

  • EmperumanV

    @MARS Vanilla Android as in the one with the Nexus One/S? Meaning they don’t have their own UI? If so, very interesting. Didn’t know at all about that tid bit.

  • Anthony

    If they impose caps there is no reoasn to own a 3G device, period. For the prices they charge there’s no value at all in a capped plan. They clearly advertise these services in comparison with other forms of internet service. They are also clearly priced much higher than normal internet.and a 5 Gb plan? Seriously, unless you never use the internet this is just not worth it. I checked my router the other day and I was well over the 5gb mark for the month already. I don’t stream videos. I don’t download music. I do use RDP alot, get alot of e-mail, etc. but nothing I would expect would be abnormal. It’s cheaper and easier to get regular internet and use Wifi where you can. If their clients ditch them like the plague they will consider the REAL alternative and that is to add more bandwidth capacity at their cell nodes.And for all those people rushing out to get that new iPhone 4 to watch video and then find out a few videos will hit their cap (same for iPad owners) they can all enjoy their nice new paperweight.I got rid of my 3G service because of this. I sold the phone and dumped the provider. I now have Virgin Mobile prepaid and that’s it. Hope the companies enjoy this new pricing model because if other customers are like me they’ll ditch these companies until they get the hint metered service don’t cut it anymore. If you can’t provide reliable service then don’t pretend like you can because irregardless of the caps if too many people get on at once it will still collapse the system irregardless of what an individual cap may be. In that case 3G and even 4G are worthless.