Update: Samsung Galaxy SII LTE “coming soon” to Bell, according to Best Buy flyer


  • XER

    There is nothing really special about LTE phones except you are paying a high price for it.

    HSPDA+ is good enough for speed already unless you are watch 1080P videos on your mobile device every minute.

    LTE phone premium will disappear in 2012 as it will become the industry standard. So, people, don’t fall for it. HSPDA+ GS2 is just as good.

  • Tim G.

    Thank goodness for people willing to pay a premium for the latest products.

  • kendomaster

    Could the “exclusivity” with rogers be the unusual specifications it has, especially with the 1.5 GHz processor?

  • EmperumanV

    Not sure if you know XER, but customers on Bell with the $30 6GB data plan per month, automatically qualify to transfer that to LTE data for no extra charge/cost. I know so by reading this up on Howard Forums and I myself contacted them and asked. So technically there isn’t a premium for those who alraedy have that data plan. For others who don’t then yes. So you are technically right here.

  • Toronto

    On one of your previous posts, it stated that samsung was not going to provide Bell the LTE. The link to that post is actually posted under “related posts”. This totally contradicts this post. Your thoughts?

  • Lewis

    Total throughput isn’t the only advantage of LTE. LTE allows for lower latency (commonly known as “ping”). What this means is that you’ll be able to use strictly VoIP on your smartphone and pay only for the data plan (saving money). The LTE plans are currently more expensive, however, if you’re due for a phone upgrade now (as I am), it may be a wise choice to get a future proof phone right away. Plus, the device is barely more expensive and most likely has the latest hardware revision (i.e. potentially some bugs fixed or improvements).

  • BillNye

    Hopefully this means they can start dropping the outright price for the original GS2. I like its form factor the best, plus it has the best chip of all the other GS2

  • Big Red Angry Bird

    Probably a mistake on Best Buy’s part about the SGS2 LTE. I guess we’ll see in the coming days.

  • Paulman

    At first I didn’t see how Bell could make such a big error… they have the full name of the Galaxy S II LTE and it’s right next to Bell’s current Galaxy S II. Plus, they have the correct picture for it. But then I realized that maybe they were supposed to put it on the next page, under “Rogers”, because there’s no Galaxy S II LTE there. So perhaps that’s what was intended?

    Rogers has been claiming device exclusivity after all…

  • yanic Lemaire

    It is a printing error for sure…. they have the s2 4g… its Roger’s turn to have the exclusivity 😛

  • Deli

    I wished i saw Galaxy NEXUS LTE.

    LTE and HSPA+ is not even close. The response time (ping) is crazy low. VOIP can be CONSISTENTLY smooth and possible on non Wifi networks.

  • Alex Davies

    this could be the Galaxy S II LTE HD version with the 720p screen that has just been approved by the FCC, that was originally thought to be a Korea only model. The Rogers is a regular S II with a 4.5 screen & LTE, so technically that particular version with still be exclusive to Rogers.

  • random person


  • Krista

    Just confirmed – GS2 LTE is a Rogers only device – head office has issued a correction as of this am 🙂 should be intresting! and as for the BIG difference in LTE VS HSDPA – LTE will have a much faster download speed(eventaully up to 150mbps) which HSDPA(caps at up to 42mbps) will never be able to handle, if your living in an LTE zone(Toronto, Vancouver and a few others, take advantage of the devices you will see a much better performance!

  • JImmy

    Samsung GS2 Lte for bell is coming in may with hd screen.