Apple Canada starts selling refurbished iPad 2s


  • dav1dz

    I barely got one this morning. So by the time you read this they may be sold out of the model you wanted. Act quick!

    • Me Ted

      Run to get a used tablet? Are you f****d?

    • boojay

      Nah, he’s sheep’d

  • Lea Faubert

    Still way too much 🙁

  • GMan

    Still over priced

  • Michael

    How come your picture has it priced cheaper than what you’re reporting it as?

    • Mike

      those prices above are “out of stock”

    • doolaik

      the cheaper one pictured is the ipad 1, this article is about the ipad 2 going into the refurbished bin.

  • KL

    @me ted
    A little harsh(and damn funny), but couldn’t agree more.

    With these prices, I suspect the iPad 3 is not coming out anytime soon too.

  • Mark

    $419 for a refurbished ipad 1?

    no thanks. I will just buy a transformer instead.

    inb4 people telling me about tablet apps and OS superiority wars.

  • ABV

    They can start resale use Sanitary Pads too.
    Thank you Apple, for your Generosity :))

    • ABV

      Used Used Used :))))

  • George

    iSheep at their best, $50 off a refurb and it sells out like crazy.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Or, you know get something superior running android or maybe even windows.

  • Steve

    $50 off,,,lol what a joke for a used should be more than half price if its used wouldn’t you think…Funny how Apple pinches all their penny’s just to crab all your pocket money.

  • ggal

    this is just ridiculous….

  • kendomaster

    Wow. Apple iPads really keep their value!

  • Pukka

    People have to understand that refurb apple products have brand new exteriors and are impossible to tell from brand new ones. They even come with the standard 1 year warranty.

  • A. Carmine

    Not worth it in my opinion, if you were already read to blow $500+, you might as well buy brand new.

  • Roger

    Reburbished does not equal used. Overpriced? Not if they are selling. Call the buyers sheep if you like. I’m enjoying owning stock in this company.