Bell releasing LG Optimus Net October 27th


  • Cody

    Actually looks nice, but I still don’t understand why so much space is wasted without screen..

  • Luke

    So, it’s an uglier Optimus One with a MSM7227T instead of the regular old MSM7227…

    Cool story bro.

    • TayTay

      Ya, true. I would rather get an Optimus One from Koodo for much cheaper. My gf has one and it is a good little unit. I think it is about $150 and unlocking it let her use it on any network. Cooler story bro 😛

      Also, for $250, can’t we start getting some better resolution screens? 320X480 on a late 2011 device seems kind of weak.

    • 2late

      Luke is Right:
      Optimus one $130 prepaid at Telus or cheaper at Koodo.
      Actually the ONE has so much support and Mods that runs better and faster than O-NET.
      They better put it on prepaid at $99 soon if they want to compete. Bell is selling the Samsung Gio at $150 now and it looks better and its lighte than the NET.
      There are so many Android phones with 3.2-3.5 inch 600-800MHz that you just go for the looks, (Ace maybe?),Price (Gio when on sale at $70) or Support, mods and durability (Optimus One) In any case those phones should be $100-130; anything higher and you are paying too much.
      Why does Syrup advertise $0 on a 3yr contract and cheap phones on outright price?
      Syrup: please be consistent and announce outright prices all the time to help us compare apples to apples or berries to berries if that’s the case, thanks!

    • ToniCipriani

      Then the question becomes if you have your heart set on this, why not just get the prepaid Galaxy Gio, which pretty much have the same hardware but way less?

  • Obe

    Nothing like rocking the HTC Magic/Dream resolutions of 2009

    • Obe

      To be fair, it is an upgrade from 65k colours to 256k!

  • BM

    camera is weak. for the same price the wildfire S blows this out of the water

  • Alex Perrier

    Okay, so Bell cleared out the LG Optimus Chic to $75 on prepaid. i bought that and unlocked it for my Telus contract. For the record, the Chic is nearly identical to the LG Optimus One, but the One has a 7.2/0.35 modem as well as a so-so 3.15 MP camera.

    Net pros / Chic cons:
    * The Chic has 600 MHz whereas the Net has 800 MHz. i’d expect apps to run smoother with the faster processor, as the One/Chic has uncommon slowdowns, but i’ve yet to test a faster-clocked Android.
    * The Chic has 2.2 FroYo whereas the Net has 2.3 Gingerbread. i’m still hoping that LG will deliver on their 2.3 promise for the Chic.

    Net cons / Chic pros:
    * The LG Optimus Chic has a way faster HSPA 7.2/2.0 modem, whereas the Net has the much slower 3.6/?.? modem, the latter is comparable to the legacy CDMA technology and is an insult to HSPA’s potential.
    * The Chic has a better camera with 5 MP pictures and 30 fps video.

    For me, i’m staying with my LG Optimus Chic. It seems the Net strangely has CPU and software advantages over the Chic, but why did they cut corners on crucial features like the camera and modem?

    It is really a shame for Bell to have carried the LG Optimus Chic, but to fail selling many units despite its superiority to Telus/Koodo’s Optimus One and Rogers/Chatr’s Phoenix. The Net has both pros and cons compared to the Chic. The $250 price tag didn’t work before, so why reintroduce it? Free on a two-year is a must.


      People that buy that kind of phone don’t care about HSPA modem speed, because they mostly buy it without a data plan.
      They use wifi. People that want a data plan will chose a better/expensier smartphone.

  • Terry

    Is this phone the main rival of the samsung galaxy ace?

  • Dennis

    I’m still happy with my Prepaid Android LG Optimus V! Added 16 GB SD ($25) plus an extra backup battery for $10 from and downloaded all of my music to the SD card… but bought a better pair of earbuds, with inline mic. Monthly cost = $35.

  • louise pitawanakwat

    this looks simular to the samsung impact,loved the phone owned it for 6 months before it was stolen,someone liked it better than i did i guess,this one would do in a pinch!!!