RIM unofficially confirms some specs of the unreleased Curve 9380 and Bold 9790


  • KM

    This is excellent, I am very excited for the 9790! It will be a fantastic upgrade for my well-loved 9700!

    • DUD


    • t

      I am using 9780 right now, I am not looking forward to this.

      1. The OS7 platform is dated and stale looking compare to iOS and Android. Java OS is showing its age, and it is not able to keep up with the competition.

      2. Seeing the core server failure in one location bringing down all blackberries on this Earth is disheartening. This clearly shows the whole concept of centralizing server is getting difficult to manage. Why add more products to it?

      3. RIM is not Apple. People wouldn’t come back to you, just because you got a new OS, new model number, better processor, better camera.

      I rather see they quickly move to BBX platform.

  • kardi

    The only way I would even remotely, possibly give the 9790 a second look is if it has the same keyboard as the 9900 & and a bigger battery.

  • nauman

    If they can make a 3.2″ touch screen on a curve, why not they put that on a 9790? And this is getting to confusing.

    Why a curve with a keyboard and touch screen? They should have just made an all touch curve with a 3.2″ screen.

  • nauman

    Ignore my previous comment. I thought they made the curve with keyboard and touch, but the 9790 is keyboard and touch.

  • NM

    360×480? Are you kidding me? That is ridiculously low res for new devices. Browsing will continue to be very awkward. RIM is ballsy selling such low tech “new” phones.

  • Phil R

    Maybe I’m spoiled with Android and Apple (and Microsoft) but as much as people say that blackberries are the worker’s best friend, I can’t help but look at ANY blackberry phone and think to my self… what a boring phone and what a dull interface.

    I know, I know, looks is not important, but, is it me or the “blacks” didnt evolve at all aestheticaly in the last 10 years or so? Again, you can tell me that I’m wrong or that it’s not important… but still, I try navigating through a blackberry’s menu and find it a chore and it feels slow.

    Mind you, guys, I’m not a blackberry user, never had one, my brother had one for 6 months and traded it for an android, so this is my only expirience with it. And again, I’m not an Android or Iphone fanboy, but I gotta say that i love a graphic-rich interface.

    So, I’m totally off topic here I know… But I just want your opinion on what’s cool about blackberries. Thanks!

    • Miles

      Blackberries have an easy to use interface. Although I love my android phone, I sometimes feel like I don’t need half of these features.

      A lot of people seem to love blackberry keyboards and BBM. I see tons of people with blackberries in campus. A lot more than Android but a lot less than iPhones.

    • Xperia X10

      @Miles: iPhone 4 in one hand, Starbucks in the other, right? 😛

  • Pahech

    I don’t think these middle-and-entry level devices are going to wow any tech geeks.

    They are there for the purpose of those that look for a more affordable BB.

  • Peter

    I don’t agree with Shanif.

    Personally blackberries are now over priced paperweights!
    (I think like many people Shanif has shares in RIM)