Bell prepping to release the Samsung Galaxy S II in White


  • Adam


  • Sean

    Cue Apple “it’s white” lawsuit in 3…2…

  • Ryan Bidan

    nothing wrong with this.

  • Jon


  • Rocco StiffReddi

    very nice looking phone. Will wind have the poor offerings they have in white? Oh Nooo lol oh wind you keep me amused!

    BTW whats this about pink slips at the Canadian call center?

    NB the paytroll care to comment? I also hear they are going to give paytrolls some sort of bonus.. you know for spreading the wind hype..

    on a related note AT&T just confirmed the sale is going to happen and they will be scrapping AWS, using a frequency for the up or downlonk.. so customers will be given ” deals ” to upgrade to devices that are comparable and leave this dead AWS band to wind and mobli. go no NB or maybe the chubby guy can comment.. I am sure he still have some friends at wind.. all you can eat and yet you are limited.. sounds like Wind mikey

  • f.f.

    f: samsung is a copy cat

  • Dimitri K.

    Most likely i will buy the white version of this. It looks amazing.

    • Tyrone

      that’s racist

    • Mark

      I want to by the white one, but our company has an equal opportunity purchasing policy which requires us to evaluate non-white handsets as part of the selection process. Most managers just pick the white ones anyway, until it starts looking a little ‘too white’, at which time human resources makes us pick the non-white phones. Corporate Canada has a long way to go… you know, for phones.

  • Dimitri K.

    @ Tyrone. I have the black one already lol. So not really Racist.

    • Tyrone

      Once you go black, you don’t go back

  • Xing Xu Ming Yao

    When will Samsung launch yellow version? They have black for black people. white for white people. but no yellow for us asian people?

    • MisterX

      Once you go Asian….You don’t go Caucasian!

    • JTe

      Umm…don’t forget brown for us “brown” people…

  • brent mifsud

    should have picked a different colour samsung…

    I smell another apple lawsuit

    “The device has the same gradient of white as the iPhone 4! we must sue them out of canada now!”
    – apple

  • dern

    if you have a black GS2 but want white just buy the white sgp capsule case and the white sgp real glass screen protector and you’ll have basically the same thing…

    • Jon

      This is exactly what I have currently haha

  • tash

    Thats so cool congrats to samsung for their super perfomance in smartphones

  • Bill

    I guess Bell needs something to stop people from getting the Samsung Galaxy S 2X. Still Bells version will not support download speeds of 42mps

  • pots

    How exciting

  • Deli

    you can actually buy the complete white housing from ebay.

  • crunch204

    @Bill i highly doubt telus customers will reach 42mbps. They will end up getting the same 3-6mbps as the bell version

    • Bill

      But still wouldnt you rather have a device that has the capability of 42mps over 21mps, I would

  • KidCanada

    Well hey there sexy 😉

  • browndon

    Wow and it somehow didn’t take a year like apple

  • drankid

    @-@ So. Pretty.

  • andy c

    the white looks nice but notice the smooth plastic back compared to the textured black counterpart.

    it’s going to be like holding a bar of soap. make sure it’s in a case.

    • Rimmer

      I have the white one (been available in the UK for a few weeks now) and there is no difference in grip on either, so nothing to worry about there.

  • Jesse

    It looks uglier than sin to me. The black looks better….just hides all of the sensors and stuff and blends in with the screen. Either way, choice is good.

    • Bri

      yea.. you might be right and the screen actually looks smaller this way. But still looks fantastic!!!!!! I hope they release Galaxy Note soon in WHITE!!! I will freak out.

  • mattprime86


  • Mark

    I didn’t know in today’s clueless people’s minds Asian means Chinese.

    Asia is a huge continent home to over 100 nations and countries. So the pesky Chinese can stop impersonating as the only ones living there.

  • ruddias

    Wait, how can they do this? Didn’t Apple invent white…?


  • joejoE

    the black screen looking like it blends into the bezel is the reason i like the black version. With a white back and black front these things look brilliant. like the white nexus s

  • David Davidson

    This appeals to me. I hope it makes it to the US

  • Rimmer

    Actually all Galaxy S2 have the three buttons, they are however touch sensitive and only light up when touched. Otherwise they are invisible.