Samsung Galaxy S Glide coming to Rogers


  • Barry

    nice job, another dual core.

  • Raffi

    Eh, if it’s going to have a keyboard, then at least attempt to make it somewhat comfortable to use. Blackberries have this down to a science. Keyboards that are that wide and entirely rectangular in shape are not pleasant to type on.

    • Stuntman

      I find BlackBerrys to be uncomfortable to type on. I much prefer landscape keyboard sliders as the keys are farther apart. I have difficulty typing on my BlackBerry because the keys are too close together and it is too easy to accidentally press the wrong key.

  • Adam

    that’s quite unique to have the home/menu/search/return keys in with the slide-out keyboard. looks good. way to go samsung

  • Scott

    Rogers really needs to beef up their offering of Android phones. This is a good start, but how about a dual-core phone that’s smaller and lighter for those of us who don’t need/want the slide-out keyboard? EG: something closer to Bell’s SGII?

    • Andy

      This is the same screen size as Bell’s SGSII, and Rogers will be getting SGSII LTE soon, so same internals as Bell’s version.

    • jeno

      @Andy: My Galaxy S2 from Bell has a 4.3″ display. This one is only 4″.

  • Dimitri K.

    Looks pretty promising. Lets hope Rogers releases this under $50. Or even free for that matter.

  • Maestro Fresh Wes

    “Let your galaxy s slide….doo doo doo, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo”

  • TheTigerTek

    Hmm.. I might give this a go when it comes out. If the keyboard is anything as good as my Bold 9900 I would consider.

  • T H

    Nice! This might be my Xmas gift for the wife…

  • crunch204

    @Andy this phones screen is a touch smaller than Bell’s S2, 4″ compared to 4.3″

  • Christo

    Anyone know what the US equivalent of this phone is? Or even if one exists?

    • IncidentFlux


      It’s the Samsung Captivate Glide (SGH-i927) in the US, also known as Samsung Galaxy S Glide (in Canada), Samsung I927 Galaxy S II and Samsung Gidim.

      Article started as Samsung Captivate Glide on Wikipedia.


  • Stuntman

    I’m glad to see that there have been a number of phones with keyboard sliders being released as of late. I think there is still a significant market for keyboard sliders. Some people like the tactile feel of pressing physical keys.

    Keyboard sliders have the advantage of being able to still see the screen that you are typing on. Virtual keyboards obscure all or part of the screen you are typing on.

  • James

    Its about time rogers got a smartphone with a keyboard. I’ve been suffering under their contract tyranny having to unlock phones from other carriers in order to get a keyboard.

    • sead

      I got the LG EvE when it came out for that reason .. the Keyboard was a plus for me… not that it’s WAY outdated and I need a new phone, this might be in my top 3.

  • Sunny

    Sweet. I would like one.

  • Jerry

    I think my wife would like this, It seems the phone is tall, Lots of extra space at the bottom of the screen. Seems they could have made this smaller or the screen bigger. Glad they put the dual core processor and good cameras in it.

  • rummy

    So Telus has the Droid 3, Rogers is getting the S2 slider, what about us Telus clients 🙁

  • Steve Dion

    Wow, 2008 called, they’d like their phone back!

  • john smith

    No Super AMOLED Plus?

  • chris

    It’s about time Rogers comes out with more smartphones with keyboards! RIM has dropped the ball and full touch screen phones just ain’t cutting it. Hopefully this phone will have a decent price point!

  • Eli

    A dual core Galaxy S with slide out keyboard sounds exactly what I’m looking for. However, once I saw how much easier it is to view everything on the regular Galxy S2 with a 4.3″ screen I don’t know I can accept a 4″ screen.

  • Dave

    4-row slide out QWERTY keyboard, 4-inch Super AMOLED.
    Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread, 1.2GHz dual-core processor.
    8 megapixel camera with a 1.2 front-facing camera.
    It’s spelled disaster for Rim & Apple. LOL

  • cee

    Too bad my contract doesn’t end yet, I would love this phone as I take forever to type with onscreen keyboards. Too bad 🙁


    What’s up with the top speaker area? Looks like it’s tape or something there?

  • Alex

    The tape is there to cover what is probably the US carrier logo that this phone is coming to down there. With its specs it’s fairly obvious who that carrier might be!

  • Big Daddy Data

    This is a Great device for Blackberry Users who are interested in moving over to an Android device but swear by a Full QWERTY keyboard. This device will also be offered in the US by AT&T specifically. Great Specs, Good phone… Can’t wait till launch!

  • Dylan K

    I work for Rogers, and I was getting ready to purchase another device from Telus flat out and unlock it to get an Android w/ a slide out keyboard. I refused to settle for the Galaxy Q and Mini Pro, not enough power and screen space.

    Then this phone pops up out of nowhere. Prayers have been answered.

    • Elizabeth

      Dylan, any word on a release for this phone? I’m trying my best to patiently wait for it but am wondering if I should look into pre-ordering a different device as my old phone is getting really glitchy.

  • Doug

    How about internal memory, microSD expansion, and HDMI?

  • leobg

    But is screen AMOLED or AMOLED PLUS, or should I say pentile (like on Nexus S) or regular RGB stripe (like on SGSII)? If not latter – no deal for me. But if RGB stripe – CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Nicholas

    Does anyone have any spectrum info on this thing? I love my Droid2Global, was severely disappointed by the Droid3 and am now looking at Samsung. With Telus getting the former Hercules (now the GS2X) with AWS support, I’m thinking I might be able to swallow not having the keyboard. If this thing has an AWS radio though, I just found my new phone…

  • mobileaccessoires

    this is not even thin anymore and samsung must don’t bring this on the market,

  • dh

    come on at&t, jump on this phone. you need a highend android with a slider keyboard. you are following way behind in that area