ABI Research: Android captured 46.4% of the Q2 smartphone market share


  • zico

    Im going to take an estimate for canada (based on riding the subway everyday)

    blackberry – 45%
    iphone – 50%
    android – 5%

    • jellmoo

      While it is a somewhat facetious way of saying it, Android hasn’t gained the same giant slice of market share in Canada as it has elsewhere. I think that a lot has to do with the carriers only relatively recently picking up the top of the line Android models.

      I see more Droids out and about than I used to, but I still see way more iPhones and Blackberrys. With two of the Big 3 now holding high end devices on their roster though, this could change fairly soon.

  • JVP

    iphone is going down =)

  • Stuntman

    The market shares are going to be different in different countries. In Canada, Blackberrys have been very popular for a long time. Then the iPhone came and was available for all 3 major carriers and it gained a lot of market share in Canada. Android came later and was not very heavily marketed in Canada at all. Only recently have I seen more marketing for Android phones. Still, I find I’m always bombarded by ads for the iPhone all the time. I see way more ads for the iPhone than for everything else combined.

    Looking around me, I have noticed more an more Android phones over time. Still, I find that iPhones are more common. Backberrys are use in my office, so I see them here at work all the time.

  • Jay

    Android is class, Apple is trash

  • Slype

    Looks like Apple is going to have a repeat of what happened back in the 90’s. Closed systems suck…. Control freaks rarely win the IT space and no one is more of a control freak than Steve Jobs.

    They should have learned from their mistakes 20 years ago…

  • jim

    I like how these andriod i****s keep offering up ideas for apple and see their demise. In reality they are setting sales records.

  • steve

    Yeah sure… Androind has more market share than iPhone. OK, but it took 5 companies combined to outsell sell 1.

  • Ronnie

    Oh yeah, Motorola Charm for $59 outselling the big bad iPhone… Real impressive.

  • 1337 h4x0r

    Hell, I could have a piece of iPhone market share too if I gave away free phones.

  • Abdulsalam

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