Report: Apple becomes the top Smartphone manufacturer in Q2, but Samsung’s 520% yearly growth is more impressive

After Apple announced they sold a record 20.34 million iPhones last quarter it was quickly noted that they sailed past Nokia in smartphone shipments, successfully becoming the global leader for the first time. A new report was released today from Strategy Analytics that once again confirms this news, I guess they were being kind and waited until Motorola gave their numbers.

Strategy Analytics compiled all the quarterly reports and said that global smartphone shipments grew by a whopping 76% last quarter to a record 110 million devices. All the focus seems to be on the Apple, but the real race is happening with Samsung and their staggering 520% annual smartphone growth, claiming second spot and only 1% behind Apple in Q2 with 17.5% market share. One of the major successes for Samsung is the Galaxy S II, now confirmed to have sold 5 million units in 3 months.

Q3 will be fascinating to experience. Apple will most likely come out with the new iPhone 5, possibly a cheaper, more affordable and smaller iPhone targeted to reach another demographic. Samsung will be releasing several new high-end powerful LTE smartphones, including opening the Galaxy SII up for sale in the United States. Finally, while the world waits for Nokia to release their first Windows Phone device (possibly September) they will continue to fall further behind.

Source: BusinessWire
Via: AppleInsider