Google: 550,000 Android activations every day, 6 billion apps downloaded from the Android Market


  • Syrenz

    I love Google.

    • Alex

      And only 5.9 billion were fart apps.

    • WoofWoof

      @Alex: No, you’re thinking of the Apple App Store!

  • Kenypowa

    Those are great numbers. But the real story is that there are already over 10 million Google + users after only two weeks, and it’s not even open to the public yet.

  • Hilman

    Wow, Android’s growth is crazy!! Now let’s take the tablet sector over too 🙂

  • Preacher

    so that guy who used last names in the US to determine a guess of users was really close

  • SoiMiruku

    congratz to Google, they’ve out done themselves and will continue to produce great technology

  • Who Cares

    Everyone I know have iPhones and no Android phones. iPhone is the best: it’s the gold medal. Android will forever be a wannabe; silver medal at best.

    • Alex Perrier

      Not everyone wants to, or is able to:
      * pay $289.99 for an obsolete, refurbished iPhone 3G
      * pay $549.99 for an older iPhone 3GS
      * pay $659.99 for a newer iPhone 4
      * sign a three-year contract for a discount on the two latter phones
      * jailbreak their iPhone to run Android or blocked applications

      Let me know when:
      * (iPhone) RED comes out
      * an affordable model is available
      * iPhone users have the freedom to use the OS of their choice

    • WoofWoof

      @Alex: I think you covered it all. Except I just wanted to add, “Isn’t Defective” and “Doesn’t Suck” to your list of Let Me Know When’s… LOL

    • Jerrik

      @Who cares You are an i***t if you really think that.

  • Jon Wang

    @whocares: you should get out more, troll.

  • EmperumanV

    Congrats Google 🙂 and to Google + as well.

  • Sandman2749

    So, when can we load iOS onto our android devices?

    • WoofWoof

      @Sandman: You can’t be serious… I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how inferior iOS is to Android. Sheesh, even the improvements in iOS 5 is barely going to catch up to where Android is right now.

    • Richard

      As soon as Apple releases the source code so you can tailor it to fit anything you desire.

  • throlling ?

    Rogers activation per month, 10.

  • Andy

    Avoiding android just because it’s the number two smartphone os is hypocritical when many of those same customers get Macs even if OSX is the number two desktop os

    • WoofWoof

      @Andy: I have a very good hunch that by 2012, 2013 at the VERY latest, Android will be the #1 smartphone OS. Their growth is astronomical.

  • Syrenz


    Unless I’m missing something Android has been #1 for a good while now…

    • WoofWoof

      Syrenz: In a perfect world, it is #1. In the screwed up world we live in, it’s not… But it’s catching up fast.

  • Steve Dion

    That’s 499950 worthless inferior apps. Inferior to iOS. Before you bash know that i have a Galaxy S2, coming from a Desire HD. So not a fan boy.

    • Jerrik

      @Steve Dion: if you think that, why did buy you buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 then? The App Store has more useless apps than almost any other app market. I would know because my fiance has an iPhone 4, she bought it to spite me, and I took a good look at the free apps that the App Store has to offer and hardly any of them are of any use, at least in my opinion.

    • WoofWoof

      @Steve: Not bashing, but I’ve been on the Apple store. They’ve got a mind-blowing number of garbage apps. It’s actually difficult to find useful ones. Sometimes a smaller app store is actually a good thing.

    • Alex Perrier

      Something that i kinda like about the Wii/DSi/3DS app stores is that yes, their selection is limited and some games may be of lesser quality, but there’s several free demos and the apps are usually good.

    • Steve Dion

      What i meant is that if you compare the quality of apps (i.e: twitter, facebook, games in general) they all look alot more polished on the Apple phones. They tend to look amateurish on the android devices…

  • Saffant

    New Android user… coming from iOS; Android is definitely tons better, but the marketplace is a bit depleted compared to iOS’ appstore.. imho.. especially when it comes to games.

    • Alex Perrier

      Perhaps you should try out the Android racing game available at WIND Mobile stores on an HDTV and in a racing kart.

  • Chief_Wiggum

    Android FTW!

  • Dude,!

    Am nuw on this s@!’ but I think deepen of what are u lookin 4? i think the games iPad 1 .Facebook Xoom or iPad 2 let me no what u think ; from my iPad 2 lol

  • aka

    There’s no way iOS will beat Android, just by the shear number of handsets available from numerous manufacturers alone. Android is already beating iOS in market share and will eclipse iOS app store in total apps count by end of year.

    Same thing will happen when WP7 phones starts launching on more exotic hardware(s). I predict #1 Android, #2 WP7, #3 RIM or iOS by 2015.

  • Grant

    You can use different custom apps and keyboards to make your Android phone feel exactly like an iPhone and still retain the benefits of Android OS. No need to turn the world up-side-down and install a whole new OS 🙂 And that is the beauty of Android.

  • Zia

    I am using Google+ Trust me it is going to kill facebook. very clean and fast even it is still beta. I have few invites left, let me know if some one needs

  • Steve Jobs

    i love my HTC sensation

  • Kemist


  • Kemist

    Were All Gonna Be DROID ZOMBIES!

  • Daniel

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