Will the Nexus Prime be made by Samsung? Samsung seems to think so


  • Syrenz

    I would like Samsung to learn how to use metal on their phones. Other than that, I’d be interested.


    • Jerrik

      Screw iPhone!

    • 0defaced

      stolen tech eh? what a fail…..apple and their frivolous lawsuits will die soon, i see it more as greed and PR for steve jobs…..if anything it will sell more android phones haha

  • Cody

    I’d be fine with that if Samsung knew how to make a phone look and feel good. Use more premium materials, if not metal than use magnesium alloy at least.
    Also not a fan of the blue AMOLED technology.
    I’ll take another htc nexus please.

  • Rog

    @Syrenz: Huh? Stolen tech? Let the courts decide in the patent portfolio games.

    Note: The A4 CPU in the iPhone 4 and iPad? Designed by Samsung.

  • Nsnap

    @rog he’s making fun of this annoying troll that has been lurking for weeks.
    Regarding another Samsung Nexus; I have the S with zero complaints so far however I would like to see LG take a crack.

    • Sean

      But then it would be an Optimus Prime 😉

    • wtf?

      Just say no to LG

  • Dan J

    If, by the time the GS2 finally decides to get released on Telus, there are concrete details for the Nexus Prime, and a release date, I will happily wait a bit longer.

    My HTC Hero is chugging away, albeit VERY slowly… but I can live with it for a little while longer if need be.

  • sixteen12

    Magnesium is a metal…

    Also, I find Samsung devices much nicer than HTC. The metal just makes them bricks.

  • Steve

    Is it going to have a GPS that works and a decent file system?

  • Niners13

    I think this rumor will be false in some ways and there will be several google devices coming with ice cream from different companies.

    Rather have a Motorola with tegra 3 and a toshiba 720p screen.

    2gb ram. 1440p, etc.

    This nexus will probably disappoint like the Nexus S, no HD rec, no sd card, no led notification, tons of bugs and defects, just people happy they get the latest android, who cares it’s missing so much.

    • Chris

      What bugs are you talking out you i***t? The nexus s runs android better than any other android phone out there other than the sgs2, and guess what, both phones are made by who? samsung. So suck balls, don’t talk about a phone that have never owned b***h.

  • kad

    will google step up to the plate and side with them in the eventual apple lawsuit ?

  • Syrenz

    Um guys, I was being sarcastic and mocking that troll Vlad. Read the /inb4vlad part before you thumbs it down.


    • strikerx

      funny guy

  • MobileRetweet

    I rock a Nexus S as a daily driver and she’s problem free. I came from an iPhone 4 and I’ve never been happier (except I miss my old battery life).

  • Jay

    better not

  • Jay

    let me back up myself, HTC makes un-brick-able and un-break-able phones! They rock!

    • wtf?

      So does Samsung.

      SGS is virtually unbrickable, I’m assuming the Nexus S is as well. Despite the plasticky look, my Captivate is solid. Dropped it a bunch of times on concrete with no issues.

  • Customer

    Better Wifi Builded, my Nexus S wifi sucks!!! I can’t believe you need an app to fix my home wifi and now it’s doesn’t work.

    • Bob

      You’ll be disappointed that the gs2 has a weak wifi signal/problem too.

      Typical samsung, blind kids with colours and hummingbird words meanwhile everything on the phone is below par.

      How can you even make a flagship phone without hd recording, no sd card, no led notification, no hdmi out, etc.

      I’m so happy I have the latest version of android. lol

  • R

    half the people who b***h about android don’t know how to use it right