Bell Samsung Galaxy S II 4G officially launching July 21st

When Bell announced they’ll be one of the carriers who will release the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G they never confirmed a launch date, only that it will be available “in the coming weeks”. Carriers usually state this just in case there are shipping issues or problems meeting software tests. Rumours surfaced over the past few weeks of a July 14th release, but we are now hearing the launch date is officially set for Thursday, July 21st.

Apparently us Canadians will be getting the latest software and Bell wants to ensure that enough supply is available. The internal doc we received says that Bell is “anticipating very strong demand for the device” and waiting for “adequate supply to arrive”. Samsung recently announced that worldwide sales of this Android has already topped 3 million in just 55 days. This will be available for $599.95 on a no-contract and it’s expected the 3-year price will be $169.95.

More soon!
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