Bell Samsung Galaxy S II 4G officially launching July 21st


  • Ronald

    Bummer. Another week of waiting. Wasn’t this thing first announced in January?

    • Jerrik

      It was announced for Europe in January.

  • Dr Tone

    I think I’ll just spend the extra $70 for unlocked.

    • Wayne

      Why? You could get it unlocked for less than $70.

  • Manuel

    It’s coming out my bday… is that saying much? 😛

    • strikerx

      fap fap fap fap fap

  • Cody

    I want the Sensation 🙁
    Someone trade for my DHD 🙂

  • phoneguy

    @ cody trust me dude the sg2 is far better then the sensation my buddy just got the sensation…watch utube videos of the sg2 vs the sensation you will see the sg2 is for sure better especially for a smoother browser and the super amoled screen looks so much better then the lcd.

  • Rory

    by latest software maybe they mean 2.3.4 which has recently leaked out for sgs2 and just needs more testing.

  • Josh

    this is bull crap. weve waited long enough. im pretty pissed. how is bell going to announce a phone and not give us an official; launch date…. selfish if you ask me


    “Nous nous assurons que nos canaux de détail reçoivent la plus récente version logicielle et qu’un inventaire adéquat leur parvienne pour le lancement.”

    This is a quote from said internal document, what this means exactly is up for speculation. However I highly doubt 2.3.4 will ship with the phone, as it’s not even officially released anywhere. This more likely means that it will ship with at least KE7 (hopefully)

    • Tim Ryeland

      I’m running an official release of 2.3.4 on my Nexus One so yes it is out.

  • Brian

    I work at the source and we received our GalaxySII’s in the shipment yesterday. It said do not sell them until the release date or you could be fired. But i was pretty sure the date said the 13th? I could be wrong but am not working today to check our email.

  • Nick

    What is the source behind this announcement? “we are now hearing the launch date is officially set for Thursday, July 21st”? you are just hearing it, no leaked documents?

    sorry if I sound bitter .. I just can’t wait that long. Already sold my old

  • DesiG

    What are you guys talking about, I am already using Galaxy S2 from Bell. its amazing, super fast

    • Ronald

      Got a photo you’d like to post, desig?

  • phoneguy

    desig is full of s**t it has not been released at Bell I came back from bell 10 mins ago

  • Brian

    No mention of delay that I can see. Price grid still shows launch for the 14th.

    • Brian

      Hmm, they rereleased the price grid and SGS2 was removed off of it…

  • Cory

    I guess this means Virgin will also be delayed! Another week of eating Cadbury Galaxy bars! Crap

  • DesiG

    @PHONEGUY, my friend is Bell dealer, they got 2 phones, so he gave 1 to me.

  • Johnny

    Try your local best buys. My buddy went in to put the 50 dollars down to reserve it and they ended up selling it to him and bell activated it.

  • Rich

    I’ll snag this on a 3 year, but going to wait for the first price drop in a month or so. There’s always a premium to pay to get it around launch — understandably so.

  • Jules Landry

    Why The Source called me to tell me the phone is gonna be available on July 14th yesterday ? And why is it saying on that “You Pay: $499.99” ?

    • Dave

      The Source took it off their site now

    • Jerrik

      I work at Future Shop in the cell phone department. We were told by our Bell Rep that the S2 will be launching on the 14th. Apparently, due to high demand, Bell had no choice but to make a decision overnight and delay the launch one more week to make sure that they had sufficient supply to meet the demand. I am waiting on this phone myself and I just found out this morning that the launch date will be delayed until the 21st.

  • Jon Wang

    Why is NFC removed though from this version?

  • Jinno

    As much as I want this phone, I’m going to wait for the 32gig and NFC version. It’ll be quite a while. It is rather tempting though.

  • Becha

    Why Would you want this? It is not appealing to me at all, everything is all over the place. Ugly and useless.

    • Kris

      I agree i personally prefer the iPhone or WP7 over android. The overall system is too laggy.

    • ChaChi Rodriguez

      I’d bet my p***s and balls that you’re an iPhone user. FACE.

    • Jerrik

      It may not be appealing to YOU but who cares what you think? The world doesn’t evolve around what YOU think. This phone is absolutely GORGEOUS!

    • Becha

      You guys Clearly Care what I think about it.

    • Becha

      TO be completely honest , my statement was a test.

      I wanted to see if Android fans were as smart and sensible enough to just ignore me. And for the most part you guys seem good, with the exception of a few oviosly ^. I know iFans get very defensive when people stay stuff about that on Apple related news!

      My honest opinion on this : It looks simply beautiful. I myself am an iPhone user, it does what i need it to once jailbroken 😛 and i prefer it that way.

      But the S2 deff looks appealing, Love all the widgets on the front

    • BECHA

      I am complementing the GS2 and complementing android fans. Yet you guys are down voting me?

  • Jerrik

    I work at Future Shop in the cell phone department. I just called Bell Channel Care and yes the launch date is July 21st, which sucks for me because I’m selling my Atrix tomorrow because I was expecting to buy the SGS2 on Thursday. I’m going to be stuck using a crappy Nokia phone until the SGS2 comes out. Bell told me they had to delay the launch date because they have such a high demand for this phone that they want to be able to meet the demand and not have delays nor pissed off customers.

    • pd

      Bell already has pissed off customers. Lol. Oh, they mean they don’t want more pissed off customers? Then they should consider releasing the phone in limited quantities on the date they promised.

  • pd

    The entire release of the SGS2 in North America has been a fiasco. Everything from the 3 month delay to the ‘wrong’ or ‘postponed’ release dates is ridiculous. Ya, we may get the 4G version with the latest software, blah blah blah. The only excuse to why Samsung and the telcos are taking so long is bureaucracy. In the end, Samsung and the telcos will get rewarded for it by the desperate fans. I’ve been waiting for this thing since its announcement in Feb. and am now questioning myself whether I really want this thing when they are playing more games around it than Apple with their new iPhone. You keep waving the candy in front of a kid long enough and the kid will get sick of it and ignore it.

    Not surprised by the telcos. Very disappointed with Samsung. I’ll see if I want to hang on for maybe another week or buy the HTC Sensation. In the end, it’s just a smartphone and both will be old by Christmas.

  • Tim G.

    I knew it! What r the chances it’ll be sold out in July 22 or not sold outright? Anyone know if the UK version has a different processor from the bell version?

  • Dave removed it from the site. Was there earlier, gone now…

  • Dennis Wang

    When you preorder at Best Buy, can you choose whether it’s no contract or 3 year?

  • Bobby

    Hi Folks,

    I do have the SG2 (UK version) and running 2.3.4 which I downloaded and flashed from XDA-develpers website. Do note that this is NOT an official version and is still being tested on the SG2. Yes its official for the Nexus One but still not yet for the SG2 but believe me, with 3+ million being sold in 55 days and not yet even official in North America…Samsung is pushing this puppy hard to get all the updates. I have had this since the first week of May and loving every minute with this bad boy without any issues. Even up until last week while running XE7 I wasn’t having an issues. Good chance that XE7 is what is being shipped with this for the Canadian launch. Oh, I do have one gripe….I am still waiting for my MHL adaptor so I can connect this to my tv! grrrr!

  • Jules Landry

    Just called my reseller. He had to report launch due to a bug in a update. Just shipped all his SGS2 to Bell and they will send them new and functional ones within the week

  • Really?!

    Really?! You guys are bitching about waiting another week? Try not having an official release date AT ALL!!!

  • jon

    wasn’t 2.3.5 just released for the nexus?

  • Dr Tone

    Ordered one unlocked from a couple hours ago, arrives tomorrow. Yee Hah!

    • Jerry

      Hope it arrives tomorrow expansys has terrible reviews. I just ordered mine from cheaper price as well. Better customer reviews then expansys

    • Dr Tone

      Phew! You scared me, $7 cheaper I thought it was going to be allot less. It’s shipped with Fedex tracking already.

    • Steve Dion

      Just bought one from Kinda having second thoughts now, will it work properly on bell’s 4th 21mbps network? Will I be able to tether?

  • Surhta

    So I just got back from best buy & the source.

    Best Buy said that they were only doing pre-orders for those customers who were buying on a 3 year contract and that they would not be selling the phone off-contract for at least a month or so.

    The source told me that they can sell it on a virgin super tab and that though they had them in “the back room”, the are unable to give them out until the 21st.

  • Dan

    I just called 3 different bell stores and theyve all said it comes out thursday, not next week.

  • Niners13

    By the time this thing comes out, Nexus Prime will be coming and make it look obsolete.


    ^they didn’t get the memo yet…

  • Jerrik

    I work in the cell phone department at Future Shop. I called my Bell Channel Care line and they confirmed that the launch date is July 21. It is because they have a huge demand with this phone and they want to make sure they have enough supply to meet the demand. That is what the lady told me, anyways. Kind of sucks for me because I have an appointment to sell my Atrix tomorrow because I was planning on going into work early Thursday morning and buy the phone. I have to sell my Atrix and get stuck with a crappy replacement for another week, damn!

  • anona

    Release delayed, July 21. Any store saying otherwise didn’t get the memo yet.

  • cookie44

    I think I will wait out for the iphone 5 its still gonna blow this one out of the water

  • Jenson Phillips

    Yes go Iphone 5!!!!!

    • ToniCipriani

      Yes, go a product that isn’t even announced and we don’t even know if it exist!

  • John

    Just called my Bell store and they have them ready on July 14. Confirmed

  • Nick

    There is no supply issue. This is just another excuse to give the sensation more time to sell before this phone comes in and takes all the sales away from the sensation.

    I always had doubts about the July 14 launch date as it was too close to the sensation launch date. Anyways I will have to put up with my crappy sony ericsson for one more week now.

  • mrlova

    ok add 2 months + 50$ for the Telus version, Telus fail.

  • EmperumanV

    Ah more wait. I just hope I can get the accessories for this.

  • EmperumanV

    Not sure if this helps, but I called up the following Bell World stores: Fairview Mall, Eaton Center, Scarborough Town Center Upper and Lower level and they all said its pushed back till the 21st. I know these stores are reputed in the sense they’re the corporate stores and they have accurate information. So I guess the ones who mentioned that its on the 14th are either false information, not been updated with a memo (as stated) or dealer stores.

  • Gman

    I already bought two cases, screen protector, 32gb microSDHC, and a portable battery charger for this phone. I just need the phone NOW!!! One more week is a week too long…

    • Jinno

      Where did you get your Accessories.

    • Gman

      I bought the Case-mate tough case and the editor leather case online.

  • pd

    Are the specs from Bell same as the unlocked phones from newegg?

  • André

    j’arrive de chez best buy. Android 2.3.3 avec KF6. oui oui KF6. On m’a cependant dit que c’était un demo et que Le vrai pourait avoir un autre update que celui-là.


    Best Buy is already selling accessories for this baby

  • oats

    Those who buy this phone are being silly. Buy a dumb phone and the impressive Tab 10.1.


    OS: 2.3
    Screen: 4:3
    Price: 600

    OS: 3.1
    Screen: 10.1
    Price: 500

    You’re being massively and brutally ripped off and robbed.

    • pd

      You would be correct, if and only if the tab could also make phone calls. For now, the tab is just an expensive browser, and email and pdf reader.

      Hopefully next year the tablets will also have phone functionality which would make them a single need device.

  • Dr Moore

    Wait a month AFTER release to buy outright?! You could have it in 2 days from now if you buy it from Handtec in the UK. Convert the price in GBP to CAD- you’ll see it’s cheaper than waiting, buying and unlocking! And, you don’t have to put up with Bell’s shenanigans.

    —Sent from my i9100

    • Max

      That’s what I’m thinking, but what happen with the warranty? Where you send your phone if a problem occurs?

  • Anon

    Looking forwards to it

  • CCraz

    So if I buy a UK version, it can only do 3G? But the Bell and Virgin ones can do 4G?

    I don’t care much either way, but that seems kind of sucky to have to wait to get 4G

    Unless I’m completely wrong, I’m new to smartphones

    • Hello!

      4G is just a way to confuse people. The only 4G available is the LTE that Rogers launched in Ottawa. This phone is advertised as 4G but in reality ii is not. It is the same thing that the UK version.

    • Steve

      It is confusing, and you too are confused.

      4g represents a speed stepping, not a particular technology.

      LTE provides 4g speeds as does hspa+… this was all redefined last December by the ITU. Bell’s hspa+ network is technically 4G in major centres; they are also building LTE footprints as is Rogers

  • Misterx

    Was at future shop today they had 4 bell and 2 virgin models…..but no luck they would not sell me writer my s2 virgin phone BOO-Urns

  • CCraz

    Ooh, okay thanks for clearing that up for me.

  • JP

    If I can`t get it tomorrow, I will get it online. Who has the best price online?

    So far has it for 399 which is $614 CAD + shipping + taxes and duty.

  • Nick

    @JP, only buy from Uk if you don’t care about warranty and are okay with sending the phone to Europe if something goes wrong. If you buy from Canada you send it to Samsung Canada. This is the only advantage you will have with the Canadian version.

    p.s. has it for 389.99 GBP. you grand total should be around $730 CAD.

  • JmCourir

    I just called my local “The Source” store and they said they had to sent it back to Bell because their were having a software issue. He aslo said that it was not able to update the cell phone from the store. Need to wait…

  • JP

    Can anyone confirm if a UK model from would work on telus? And possibly be able to put the firmware that telus or bell deploy on it later?

  • Dave

    I have one preordered at Future Shop and just got a call about the delay. He said it’s a shipping delay and they won’t have the devices until the 21st

  • d

    CanadaGSM .ca has the SGS2 for $675ca. I picked one up in Mississauga for $700 cash and haggled a free case from them.

    • JP

      What model is the Canadagsm? UK 9100 or Bells 9100m?

    • d

      The model number shows GT-I9100. What is the diff between the two?

  • Nick

    Does any FS or BB employee know if Virgin Mobile is also delaying the release? I know they are the same company but maybe by chance virgin is still releasing it tomorrow?

    • Dave

      My local Future Shop said Virgin is also delayed… Same phone.

  • j


  • Patrick

    Wow why bell for the s2. Telus ur killing me maybe i have to switch to bell to get the s2 or htc because I’m not paying 600 dollars out of my pocket for no phone contract up

  • Steve

    I was thinking about upgrading from my SGS to this one but I think i’ll wait for the nexus branded version.

  • Brian1

    I’ve shattered the screen on my Vibrant (Bell) last week with 25 months left on the contract. I’ve decided it’s unrepairable and want to replace it with GS2. I’m currently in Winnipeg on a cross country trip heading east. As far as I can tell no one is selling these phones for Bell as they have no presence in Manitoba. How far into Ontario do I have to go to find a Bell store or reseller that will be able to get me one?

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