Fido and Evergreen create the “Share Your Care” campaign, gives $100,000 to the environment


  • Xer

    I have decided that it should go back to clients account

  • k

    You’re seriously going to say that on a thread where they donate $100,000 to the environment. Are you fuc*ing serious? On a donation? If they put that back into their clients’ accounts it would be less than a dollar each. If there was an article on this website about a cell phone company donating to cancer there would still be i****s like you to jump and complain. I’m done posting on this website, there are too many i****s.

  • kad

    f*ck facebook

    damn those marketing people who require facebook accounts for that type of voting!

    I am sure big brother looks like a cute green giant 🙂

  • zico

    good stuff. All the carriers should be doing this. Especially telus, seeing as their official colour is green…

    • Ivan

      I think you mean Clearnet PCS, which is where all Telus marketing material comes from and hasn’t changed since they bought then way back.

  • kwolski

    I have decided it should go back to my account.

  • chall2k5

    $100,000? thats it? thats less than pocket change, wake me up when Rogers/Fido actually make a dent in their operations