HTC Sensation 4G now available at Bell


  • MXM4K

    Oh wow, $25 discount for a one year agreement!? Geez Bell, stop being so generous! Sigh….

    I’d like to meet the person who takes that deal. At this rate they might as well just do what they do with the iphone, 3 years or nothing. These 1 and 2 year discounts are truly pathetic.

    • ToniCipriani

      The only reason the 1 and 2 years exist on that list is give the false sense that you have a choice.

  • demvin

    Ok, now we’re ready for the GS2 !

  • Xer

    $25 off for one year term and $50 off for two year term? How do you figure this out?

  • digitalallstar

    They price it that way so it makes the 3-year term look more attractive. Get a clue guys.

  • mike.r

    Bell is starting to smoke Rogers in terms of handset!!

    • Stupid

      It’s pathetic isn’t it.

      But Rogers has a much better network, especially if you go outside the major urban areas. It used to be that Bell was better in the lower population areas but they haven’t been pumping out new towers all over like Rogers has for the last few years.

      This could just be ignorance on Rogers part or Bell is diverting all their infrastructure funds into landing new customers with exclusive new phones.
      I pity the people signing 3 year contracts with Bell.

      It’s no fun to be forced into a buying outright to get a good phone with Rogers though.

      If Rogers gets the Infuse (SGS2 sibling) then I’ll use an upgrade for it, sell the Infuse to buy the SGS2 and reduce the overall bill for a new phone.

    • bob

      It depends where you go. But in general, the advantage goes to Bell since it covers more population (96% of the Canadian population).

      Bell, for example, has coverage in Newfoundland where Rogers is almost absent (except St-John’s). Bell has also much better coverage in eastern Quebec and better HSPA+ coverage in Saskatchewan and Maritimes.

  • JmCourir

    Hey guys,

    Does Samsung Galaxy SII is better than HTC Sensation 4G ?


    • Stupid

      SGS2 Blows this thing away. It’s not even close.

    • disgruntledPREowner

      I’m waiting until they’re both available to compare. SGSII’s CPU may be overclocked to be “1.2Ghz” and there are rumblings that the Mali400MP GPU is slower than the Adreno 220 in the Sensation.

      I’m not sure if this would even produce notable difference.

      Also, if they brand the SGSII as “4G” then I’ll avoid them both, this wireless standard branding is getting out of hand lol.

    • disgruntledPREowner

      damnit, nvm. Bell is already calling the SGSII the “Samsung Galaxy S II 4G superphone” GRRR.

    • Stupid

      They have both been available to compare for a while.

      Go read the reviews on gsmarena. As I said, they’re not even comparable.
      We might see a $50 difference on a 3 year. You’d be an i***t to not get the SGS2.

  • Stupid

    That reviewer is pretty clearly an HTC fanboy. The Sensation deserves much less credit than he gives it.
    Go to gsmarena for Proper reviews.

  • Cody

    Come on Canada, axe 3 year contracts please..

    • Jerrik

      I agree, but it’ll never happen. The big 3 have too much of a monopoly here in Canada.

  • KingK

    SGS2 is not really much better, in reality they are both overrated with a tons of flaws which customers won’t see till they have the phone for a month. None of the reviews really mention them.

    SGS2 just has a lot of fanboys from stupid quadrant scores which clueless people can’t understand anyway.

    SGS2 with Tegra 2 benchmarks higher which is LOL

    Touch wiz is ugly and looks like a silly iphone and Sense a laggy memory hog.

    SGS2 is ok once you spend your whole time hacking away at it to actually make it decent.

  • Stupid

    Touchwiz 3 is the best skin to date. Much better than Sense and not remotely similar to iOS. Maybe you’re thinking of Bada?

    I won’t go into all the reasons besides the CPU that SGS2 is superior. You just need to do more research.

  • crunch204


    You need to do a bit more research on your networks my friend. Roger’s reception is great, as long as your not inside buildings. Even in residential areas it can be bad sometimes. Bell’s coverage map is far greater and they indeed have been putting up towers.

    Where you get your info from?

    • Jerrik

      I work in the industry and you are completely correct. Bell has a bigger, better, and faster network than Rogers.

    • digitalallstar

      @Stupid. Bell’s backhaul network is far superior. Just because you have wireless towers everywhere does’t mean it’s better. You still have to lay the copper network to those towers.

    • Stupid

      The amount of bars/dropped calls and would also tend to disagree with you about Bell being better for either.

      So Rogers has better reception, faster 3G, more towers. (Certainly in Ontario)
      You’re really still fighting this? Just admit it.

      I’m not partial to either company But Rogers is just better for Mobile and Internet. End of story.

  • EmperumanV

    Can’t wait to snag one up sometime this week. Hopefully Best Buy sells them outright and can use my Best Buy Gift Card + cash

    • Jerrik

      I think you will only be able to purchase one from a Best Buy/Future Shop with a 3 year contract for now until the demand dies down; I checked already for both the Sensation and the S2 haha.

  • HTCmachine

    Whats the warranty like if you buy from Bell?
    Also have they put any Bell Bloatware on it?

    • Jerrik

      It’ll come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Most companies do put their own bloatware on Android phones. However, if you are technically saavy, you can remove the bloatware. Also, since it is a Bell phone, you can send the phone into FutureTel via Purolator with the receipt from the store you purchased it from and have it fixed for you within a week. That’s better than sending it into Bell and have them take 2 months to fix it. Can you tell I have done this before? Hahahaha.

  • Phil

    I went to Bell today with the possibility of purchasing the Sensation. When I compared the screen to my Galaxy S Vibrant, I left without a new phone. The colour SUCKS! Considering what terrible battery life the Sensation has, I’m not sure why anyone would buy this phone 🙁

  • John

    I know. Even lower end HTC phones has better screen (minus resolution). I don’t know why HTC would put such a low end screen on their flagship phone. Some panels are having lines and ghosting issues as well. SAMOLED+ FTW for its infinite contrast and almost zero response time!

  • EmperumanV

    Don’t forget a VGA front facing camera…

  • Tbone

    You all have to keep in mind that bell on 3 year contract is giving you an almost $600 for like $150. Although many think Bell pays pennies for the phone, samsung has to make a profit too. All blame shoulnt fall on the carrier since they dont make the devices they are selling on behalf of the manufature. AS for warranties, bell has an all inclusive warrenty for like $80, pay that up front and your golden, even covers water damage. I got that with my Atrix..its a sound investment

  • Stupid

    The people pumping Bell in here are very likely Bell employees..

  • Jonathan

    in Saskatchewan the towers are mostly all owned by sasktel… Bell,telus and virgin all rent the towers from sasktel which makes them all the same coverage. Rogers in sask owns their own towers and don’t have as good coverage. so in Saskatchewan Rogers is really brutal with bad coverage and bad phone selection.