Virgin Mobile launches the HTC Sensation 4G


  • Coolin

    Dang, I had hoped that the rumour of it being $499.95 would have been true. 🙁

  • Eric

    Too bad they couldn’t waive the $35 activation fee for no term service…

  • Jonathan

    well if you wanna get around that 35$ fee just go to bell to get the sensation. they are offering a promo where they wave that fee. so im gonna buy the phone there and then cancell the service and unlock it and poof have a sensation on telus!

  • RealDeal

    The super tab takes 10% of total cost your monthly bill and uses that to pay off the tab. Lets do some math, $400 discount/10% credit = $4000!!!. Over 3 years you would need to spend $111/month to pay off this phone. I don’t know about you but the supertab makes 3 year contracts look good.

    • Nex

      Except for the fact that you can simply pay off your tab whenever you want.


      You sir are an i***t. The 10% is INCLUDED in the price. you won’t pay more if you chose supertab.

  • Andrew

    The supertab is usually sold on low end phones High-End phones supertab sucks 7-8 years to pay off the phone but on lets say a gravity 3 depending on the plan it could be less than 2 years as well as if they decide after a year they want a smartphone on a 3 year the buyout price is nothing so yes supertab sucks but its good on other things.

  • ELNY

    At least with the tab, you’re just buying out your phone if you cancel and not a max of $500 or even $100 cuz you canceled your data.

  • crunch204


    Bell’s activation fee was only waived on 3 year terms, and that promo expired yesterday 🙁

  • Jonathan

    oh boo that sucks, thanks for finding that out. I was about to go down and get one…

  • GMan

    Damn! I JUST bought the Incredible S a few weeks ago. Wifey is never gonna let me buy another one so soon 🙁

  • john

    How long until the unlock codes are released?

  • Dell

    Can I use my existing HTC Sensation with Virgin Moble