Rumour: Bell to exclusively release the HTC Sensation


  • bob

    What’s happening with Telus and Rogers?

  • Why bell?

    WHY BELL?!?!

    • Joe

      Telus was too busy with their fingers up their a$$…and rogers just sucks for handsets in general (Telus is getting that way too) Bell has crap customer service but at least they have phones you actually want for example anything dual core

  • Jon

    Rogers doesn’t have a good relationship with HTC… so that’s why Bell. Telus will probably get it after a few months of exclusivity by bell.

    • bob

      I wouldn’t bet on this. Most Android phones are only released on one carrier.
      Samsung might be the exception, with slight variations.

    • GMan

      HTC’s Incredible S is everywhere

  • BW

    Wow, Bell has been getting all the new HTC phones! What’s going on with Telus?

  • Craz

    Too bad, I was considering getting it. Not anymore…

  • cody

    wtf.. what about TELUS……………. TELUS deserves the sensation and infuse…

  • mblsrppost

    rogers’ line up is getting worse

  • Dimitri

    It’s because Bell most likely offered more money to them and HTC accepted. Rogers only had the HTC dream and magic 2 years ago. That was the only HTC devices they offered. I really hope Rogers gets some HTC phones soon. But as for Telus I am sure they will get it soon or after a few months after Bell releases it.

    • alsdgjk

      they also got the desire and surround 7 as well as a couple others

    • aslasdjg

      @my comment above:
      OOPS i read the “rogers” as “telus” #fail. disregard that comment abt surround/desire

  • Joe

    Damn and Double Damn! Come on…. Bell?

  • Erik

    1. purchase outright
    2. unlock
    3. shove in SIM from ________ (your carrier)

    • Joe

      Hah. That’s what I did with the Desire Z. Now the screen has blown and I’m stuck going through warranty with HTC… their ‘customer service’ is atrocious. They don’t give two poops about you once the phone’s in your hand.

    • Lance W

      This. Does anyone here really choose their carrier based on what phones they carry?

    • Lance W

      I’ve always sold my subsidized phone and used the money to buy the one I actually want.

    • Graison Swaan

      surprised it took someone this long to figure that out

  • EmperumanV

    Ah interesting. Maybe I should cancel my pre order of the AWS version and wait instead for this to come out with Bell supposedly.


    Will virgin get this ?

    • AwesomeP

      Most Likely. they seem to get anything and everything that bell gets.

    • Cory

      Not while it is exclusive. Everyone here knows that Bell owns Virgin, but from the outside perspective the general consumer doesn’t know this, and it is seen as a compeititor, hense they won’t give them the phone cause to the average joe it would then loose it’s exclusiveness.

    • Reg

      You should be able to purchase it and insert your Virgin sim card in with no issues.

    • lolz

      My sim card hasn’t been a Virgin since I popped its packaging and slid it into my phone. :)))))

  • Frank

    Bell??? Bell??? Come on this had to be a Telus phone!!! Why why why….I guess I can buy it outright but bell always puts their own crap on their phones…Telus keeps them clean! Bell? really???

    • Cory

      Really? Telus keeps their phones clean? Have you ever had a Telus phone? They put just as much crap on it as Bell does, if not more. Explain how Telus keeps their phones clean I am very interested.

    • Stimulator

      I have a Desire from Telus and it doesn’t have their logo anywhere on the phone or in the software.

    • Cory

      Not to mention Telus brands the majority of their phones, Bell doesn’t do this. Not picking up for Bell but just stating the facts.

    • Smitty

      I’d wager warm water and a microfibre cloth 🙂

    • Brendan McMillen

      Telus does keep their phones clean. Have you looked at a Milestone? Charm? Defy? Desire? Desire HD? No preinstalled crap from Telus

  • Jordan

    I thought this was already known? An HTC rep confirmed this about a month ago that Bell had the Sensation locked down.
    Rogers is sticking to its Sony Ericsson relationship for the time being (releasing its upcoming tablet) and Telus is likely going after HTC’s other devices, as well as Motoriola.

  • Jeff

    Wow, for living here up north and only having Bell as a major cell-phone carrier, I suddenly feel like I’m not getting the short end of the stick anymore, I’ve really been looking forward to this phone 😀

  • Secret~

    Rogers will be getting the HTC EVO 3D

    • KingKuba

      No they won’t. Keep dreaming kid.

  • demvin

    Compared the the GS2, this phone is laggy and has bad screen, so I do not care. Although the worst thing with this phone will be that it’s on Bell.

  • Frank

    Explain how Telus keeps their phones clean I am very interested.

    We are talking about Android phones..specifically HTC…almost all Htc’s on Telus have no branding at all. And no Telus apps pre installed. I have seen all the branding and crap bells puts on their phones!

  • ToniCipriani

    Don’t understand why people are so upset.

    Just buy the damn phone and get an unlock code for $10. Keep your negotiation power, don’t sign 3-year contracts unless you’re getting a killer deal on your plan.

  • Chris

    I too thought this was confirmed. At the Toronto HTC meet up two representatives said that it was coming to Bell. It didn’t seem to be much of a secret.

    Also don’t thumbs down Secret~ as I too believe the EVO 3D is coming to Rogers. After asking the representative showing off the ChaCha at the meet up I questioned the lack of relationship between Rogers and HTC.(Been waiting to upgrade from my Magic forever!)She said they are in the works of getting a new HTC device to Rogers. The only clues I could get out of her was it would be a dual core and is the only HTC phone to feature a “certain type of screen”. If you do the math and look at the fact that Rogers really seems to be about 3D devices lately (LG G-Slate, LG Optimus 3D) it wouldn’t surprise me if they grab the EVO 3D.


    Now this is an adroid phone worth getting excited for, Right now i have a Incredible S and its the first android phone that i have truly liked. Not a fan of the UI of the galaxy S series. But i love HTC, maybe i will pick this up

  • Fenrir767

    The EVO 3D can’t come to Rogers as the technology in the phone is incompatible with the Canadian towers. Right now pretty much all of the phones in the US are CDMA for voice and use a SIM card for the data only. I was at the HTC conference and picked up the Thunderbolt the thing was gigantic. So maybe there will be some kind of Canadian version made or international version made but until then all of those sweet us phones will probably be staying there. The Sensation is HTC’s Flagship device like Samsung’s S2 and that’s why it’s getting a wide release.

    • bob

      The Evo 3D is a Sprint CDMA2000/EVDO+WiMax device.
      The Thunderbolt is a Verizon CDMA2000/EVDO+LTE device

      These devices will never come to Canada but the Desire HD is very similar to the Tbolt.

  • Kevin

    I just wondering how about Samsung GS2, because that will be 2 top models in the same company.

  • DocB

    This is an awesome phone, and I was waiting for it to be released months ago. I would buy it outright from Bell and use it on my own carrier, EXCEPT…it has a locked bootloader. So that means customs ROMS are very unlikely, and you have to rely on Bell for future updates.
    No thanks.
    I’ll wait for HTC’s next dual core phone, the one with the unlocked bootloader (which they have promised).

  • Kayem

    HTC has always released their phones with locked bootloaders. It was only until recently that they decided to move forward with an unlocked loader. So, if you wait patiently this phone will be rooted and you’ll be installing some custom dev ROM’s in no time.

    • DocB

      I hope you’re right. Like I said, it’s an awesome phone spec-wise, and it would be great if it can be rooted. But the Devs over at XDA are having problems with rooting the latest generation of HTCs (Desire S, Incredible S, etc…), which have signed boot partitions, which I believe the Sensation also has. So I’ll wait and see.

  • Justin

    rogers will most definitely NOT be getting the htc evo 3d. however they will be releasing a gsm version of the phone, i have heard that it may be called evo 3d as well i also heard it may be called desire hd3d, with the sensation coming to bell this paves the way for the evo 3d to come to telus, becuase bell wont release 2 htc phones of that caliber they usually rotate the line up. COME ON TELUS

  • H

    Bell stepping up.

  • alsdgjk

    perhaps this means that telus will be getting the gs2!

    bell: sensation
    rogers: se arc/play

    and maybe telus/koodo will (hopefully) get the desire s :):)

  • DD

    No. Bell gets S2 first. About 10k S2 already arrived at Sammy’s warehouse in Mississauga.

  • LeanNSupreme

    I want the Galaxy S II announced…

  • Konrad

    Buy it from T-Mobile this upcoming week and put it on Mobilicity!

  • boojay

    wtf, bell is totally ghey. why bell?

  • Bri

    galaxy infuse? where’s that going to??

  • Crunch204

    Nice addition to an already solid line of phones

  • M Atrix

    I just got the Galaxy S II, which is probably coming to Bell and holy derp is it a slick phone. Light, thin, beautiful and flipping fast. FAST.