Unreleased BlackBerry Torch 2 gets a 7-minute video overview


  • Ahmed Eltawil

    You might want to change the title from saying “BlackBerry Storm 2” to “BlackBerry Torch 2”.


  • Vegeta

    Any youtube link guys? I can’t view this vimeo video on my curve. Please and thak you.

  • Luqman

    If only they had released this the first time it wouldve been great…

  • Ken

    It’s only been 9 month since the release of the original Torch and it is already obsolete as it won’t be updated to BB OS7. What a let down to loyal RIM customers who bought the original Torch.

    • Jonesy1966

      It was made apparent at launch that the original Torch would face a quick turn around. The original Torch was rushed to the market to satiate shareholders and it was well known that a 2nd gen would be launched in a comparatively short order, although at the time it was thought the two may sell side by side, ala Storm & Storm 2.

      People have complained for years that RIM didn’t turn its products around quickly enough and now that they are people still aren’t happy. Would we be saying the same thing if this was an Android device??

    • Adam

      Torch was obselete when it came out. RIM is so behind the game it’s not even funny. Nortel 2.0.

      IMO they NEED to come out with a high-end multimedia-based touchscreen device to contend with the Nexus/Galaxy S and iphone. Currently BB is really only GOOD for business users, and students who think they’re business users.

    • Adam

      Besides, they’ll leak a torch update to OS7, much how the 9700 Bold got OS6

  • roger

    looks the same to me

  • Ra

    All other manufacturers are moving from 1ghz to dual core processors and rim is moving to 1ghz , sounds about right.
    I think they buy left over processors from other companies

    • Jonesy1966

      You don’t need dual processors with BIS.

    • AwesomeP

      Android is currently unable to even utilize dual core in an efficient manner so right now its a waste of battery life. whats the point? saying “OOOO I’m better than you i have dual core”?

  • Rich

    QNX or get out.

  • TheTigerTek

    I’m more excited about the Bold 9900 AKA Bold Touch.

  • Ra

    With bis you probably need more processing power as you need to decompress data as well, without bis you just have to render the pages.

  • ELNY

    People that complain about BBs not needing a high power cpu/more RAM/better screen/etc are so naive. It’s all about keeping up with the modern tech race. Every single time BB users flame others for saying their BB is underpowered, the same ppl get angry, 9 months later, when RIM releases the exact same device but updated and theirs is obsolete.

    Look at iphone 3GS users, they all got their phones 2 years ago, can still use it normally and haven’t necessarily updated to the iphone 4. Same goes with Android phones, the early ones sucked but once 2.1/2.2 came out, all those phones are solid and most people are not required to update for a brand new OS. Could you imagine if you had to buy a new phone every time Google released a new version of Android? Wouldn’t work.

    RIM is good for business users, I get it but even business users have iphones/androids as their personal phones. RIM is failing hard.

  • Raz

    This is Torch 1.5 … this is what the initial Torch should’ve been like. RIM is losing the battle, no matter how many people still use BBs. I’d suggest switching back to 3 or 4 products and make sure each iteration actually improves significantly, not just marginal, instead of realeasing half-baked products.

  • Arash Sanei

    at 5:50 of the video there is a blooper that was not edited out of the video.

  • Wahyu

    i have a samsung iniorspn at first i really liked it but then it got really glitchy and stuff and it wont turn on all the time so i want 2 get the styleit looks really slick witch i like and its affotable and plus this phone can actually fit in my poket