Upcoming BlackBerry “Apollo” shows itself on video


  • Brian

    zzzz still behind the “curve” RIM

  • billa

    What no touch screen!! they change the design only…GR8 advancement RIM….Move forward RIM <-Not Backward..

  • TomatoGuy

    RIM should be renamed into RISSM (Research in Slow Motion).

  • roman129

    Wasn’t this already released? Like in 2008?

  • chri$pycrunch

    Gotta say it: all sarcastic RIM “jokes” as posted above are so 2008.

    RIM should calculate the cost of retiring anyone on the really old curve-series…the one running OS 4.7 or OS 5.x…and movin’ them up to this model.

    It surely must cost less for RIM than for users on the old phone to move to an android or an iphone?

  • Pablo

    You guys seem to forget that the “curve” is blackberrys entry-level model. Its not ment to be the best blackberry, hence why it doesnt have the greatest specs and cant compete with other blackberrys/platforms, because it wasnt ment to. Its for people who want to have a blackberry+qwerty keyboard at almost half the price of the “higher end” ones like Bold and Torch.

  • crap

    This is crap.

  • TH8MA3

    Finally the Curve ACTUALLY has curves lol



  • teee

    Looks kinda ugly

  • Hecabic

    Why does RIM even bother anymore? Seriously. No vision at all. And this phone, due out in Aug, looks to be 3 years behind anything that is out right now from Android.

  • mark

    the most basic and fundamental of a phone and then some to boot.

    – email(push)
    – txting/im apps
    – making calls
    – security

    works for me, RIM you guys are awesome! i can’t wait for this phone or 9900 to come out.

  • tye

    LOL… it is a really funny thing when a company can come out with 3 or 4 smartphone every year that looks exactly the same as each other but are given different numbers beside the names example: the Bold 9780 or Curve 8520. Their nice devices…. if you just want to comunicate, but it ain’t my cup of tea!

  • Matthew

    For all the people who are complaining about the specs.. umm this is an entry level Blackberry.. It’s not ment to be all high an mighty.. This is like say the LG Optimus One for android. The specs are good looking for what it is.

  • lolz

    Dear Blackberry,

    When I grow up, I wanna be solid, secure and reliable just like you are.



  • AwesomeP

    my Android is as flaky as hell. I’ve used my brothers Bold several times and I like it. A lot. No touchscreen trying to play catchup because its bogged down due to lack of ram because it doesn’t know how to shut down programs even when i kill them several times. No malware ad-ware spam or anything of that nature on the blackberry market, sure Android has tonnes of apps but they’re all crap. (or most anyway). And not every app will work on every phone. BB and iPhone don’t really have that problem.

    Don’t get me wrong, i love the concept of Android, what i don’t like is the constant parade of Bigger better newer phones that make it impossible for anyone to keep up with the technology, and when you can update your phone to the next ‘Droid OS version,(with no option to revert to the previous version) it slows it down so much that I’d rather piss on it than use it. and that’s where I’m at now. I’m probably going with a BB or iPhone, tho there is a small chance that I’ll get another android, but right now I’m not prepared to put up with its bullshit.

    • sookster54

      I love Android but when I want to actually use a phone I’m all for Blackberry, I used my HTC Desire for a year now and at times I’ve been frustrated with it when answering calls or writing text messages with a virtual keyboard. I’m keeping my Desire because of the awesome rom support (<3 CyanogenMod), and use it as a media player.

  • nick

    Do the people crapping all over RIM for keeping the same portrait QWERTY fork factor realize how hypocritical they are? IPhones have all been the same. Androids have more variety, but with a few exceptions the majority of good ones are slate phones or landscape sliding keyboards. Its what’s on the inside that counts, folks.

    This BUDGET blackberry has as good or better specs than the current best bb on the market. The future is sweet.

  • sherghazi

    i like this