Samsung Galaxy S II sales top 1 million in 30 days… Galaxy S III coming next year


  • Adam


    I got my SGS Captivate in December. I’d imagine I’ll be upgrading to the SGS III when it’s available. SGSII was a sharp device, I’d imagine the 3 would be even better.

  • Manuel

    Trying to keep up with technology is the worst addiction one can have lol. There’s always something better (twice at least) coming the next year.

    Is not too bad when you live in the States though, they do get the devices much much faster than us Canadians. So they get to play with the device for over a year, while we get them pretty much a few months later, by the time you get excited the next version is already coming out.

    I cannot wait to see the day that Canada becomes a big player in the wireless market!

    • Adam

      “I cannot wait to see the day that Canada becomes a big player in the wireless market!”

      I lol’d

      You may be waiting a while. Canada is like a third world country when it comes to stuff like that.

  • Alex Perrier

    The software user interface reminds me of Windows Phone 7. Hmm…

    Also, the hardware’s front and sides are similar to the iPhone. Thankfully, the back has a central 8MP camera.

    Finally, i’d say that Samsung needs to be careful. There’s all-in-one PCs out there that imitate the iMac, but they’re not too fabulous. It would be better to be unique than to be a mime to the iPhone.

    • Dan J

      Have you not USED Android before?

  • DJM

    I got my Captivate in the fall, so I’m probably as well going to wait next year for the SGS III

  • Alex Perrier

    Yes, i own the LG Optimus One. This is what i am using to write my comment. However, someone please explain to me why i should get a Galaxy S II instead of a Nexus S or Optimus One.

    Imho Nexus S > Galaxy S.

    • b

      It is a matter of preference. Nexus S is good, but it doesn’t hold the same power.

      SG2 has a 4.3 inch screen (some of us like larger displays), and it is thinner.

      There are other features (that are minor, but still) like USB To Go.

      I also have an O1; the 3.2 screen compared to a 4.3 screen is a whole world of difference.

    • Adam

      Nexus S and Galaxy S are basically the same device. Same insides, Nexus S has stock android and NO expandable memory. It also lacks some features that SGS will include int he software, but there’s usually an app/widget that fixes that.

      The SGS II is by far the best smartphone on the market right now, as was the SGS I when it came out. Some prefer the SGS over the NExus S. If they keep it up, the SGS III should be incredible. Put the iphone to shame.

  • Luqman

    Love the looks and UI, only to wait for the battery life on the S3 and I hope it doesn’t dissappoint.

  • Jamma

    Wow one million, if this continues the will sell 3 million in a quarter. Blackberry sells 13.9 million in a quarter and it should hang it up and find another business.

    • Deli

      Why don’t you try comparing the entire line of Galaxy devices before you compare the entire line of BBs to ONE device launched 30 days ago before it even reaches North America???
      BB is bleeding marketshare like crazy and even its Execs are rumored to be remove – that gives me such a sense of success!
      Blackberry’s trend is to launch a ‘new state-of-the-art’ device that would have been the ‘best’ one year ago.

  • Mayor Downright

    SGS II > Nexus S
    1.2ghz dual core vs 1ghz single core processor. And SGS has better display and HDMI port. Nexus S is still a great phone tho and has the advantage of being a Google phone.

  • Steve

    “I cannot wait to see the day that Canada becomes a big player in the wireless market!”

    I think you forgot about the Blackberry.

    • Brian

      BlackBerry hasn’t been that big for a while

    • ELNY

      What’s a “Blackberry” ???

  • andy c

    i would consider if Samsung made a 4inch version but i would be worried about battery life as a smaller handset might mean a smaller battery.

    right now if i stick with android i’m considering a Nexus S because it’s a nice middle-ground between size, performance and battery life.

  • Mark

    Yeah, even blackberries get released and announced in the US before Canada. THAT is how much advanced we are, our own company released stuff in other countries before us. How pathetic.

    • Adam

      30 million people in Canada vs. 300+ Million in the USA. you tell me which country you would release phones in first.

    • Dimitri

      I do agree with you but Canada does get phones before the states do. Sony Ericsson x10, Arc & play we got it before the states did. We also have gotten other phones before them also. Its up to the company to pick what country they will first release the phones too. I would love to buy my self a SG2. Iyt kinda looks like a iphone but to me i really do not care about looks i only care what it has under the hood. I currently have the Sony Ericsson Arc & even with this phone i am happy. I will most likely buy the SG2 whenever it does come to Canada.

  • Mark

    SO I guess we are the suckers because we are living in a 30mil. population country. So much that even a native company overlooks us. Great!

    And people wonder why everyone with some tech. knowhow always prefers to get out and work elsewhere. Simply not the friendliest place for tech. industry sadly (even though it kicks US’s a*s in terms of others :P)

  • Blue1k

    I have the S2 and it is a huge upgrade over the original. Battery life is better, screen is amazing, no lag whatsoever, very fast GPS locks. Camera is decent as well (not as good as my N8 but still great) Best android phone I’ve had so far.

    Some of the quirks mentioned online seem to be wrinkling themselves out with the release of newer firmware (heating issues are gone for me with a firmware update).

  • Bobby

    I agree with Blue1k, I have had not any problems with my SGS2 either. Dual core (2 x 1.2), large super clear screen, external memory, HDMI out, great battery life and the list goes on. I have heard reports saying July or August for the North American release of the SGS2 but that could change because of the Apple lawsuit and it may be longer…..just saying.

    • Vicki

      Samsung stated the thing with Apple will not affect the release date for the SGS2. They say Apple has no grounds for lawsuit.. Samsungs design of the SGS2 is totally different than the iPhone. Apple is just feeling threatened that they might have some competition for a change & they dont like that. But oh well, they just need to deal with it.

  • Ian

    “imagine what it will look like…”

    Wait until the next iPhone is announced. That’ll give you a pretty good idea.

  • roccos_van

    A few people have ordered these from the UK and used them here on rogers/fido/bellus…they are quad band HSDPA…but sim unlocked they cost around $750 landed.

  • Saffant

    What if we order it online.. say this or the HTC sensation (AWS compatible).. will it work with WIND/Mobilicity out-of-box?

    • Sim

      You would have to unlock it. It would locked to Tmobile

  • Hi

    I would prefer getting S2 over the iPhone 4g or the new 4gs or 5g. Can’t wait, but hoping it lands on Mobilicity and Wind.

    • Adam

      there is no iphone 4G nor will there ever be a 4GS

  • KingK

    Only 1 million in a month….pfff the iphone sucks and sells that in one day. lol

    Well its just another overhyped and overrated cheap plastic samesung.

  • Jerry

    I sure hope they are right about late June or early July. My Blackberry is driving me crazy. Page is too large to load. Memory is low errors, freezing etc.

  • Mina

    hey guys, what would you say, i have no phone now, and can t wait to have a smartphone, Should I go for the nexus or htc desire or should i wait for the release of sgs2??? I’ve read the critics and what’s making me hesitate is the quality of the pics and videos on the SGS2 (since i have 2 babies and would like to take pics and videos of them)…. anyways it’s taking too long now but are we close to have the SGS2 ??? talking of telus …thanks for ur help!