“Prequel version” aMail for PlayBook now available for download


  • bummy


  • BBM1

    WHAT, you expected to get anything to do with an “APP” approved and off to market in a timely manner from Blackberry

    I don`t know who`s desk this stuff sits on for endless amounts of time but someone should pass them the rubber stamp and tell them to smack themselves in the forehead and get on with it.

    Blackberry,,,, buy any new product of theirs and wait 6 to 12 months to get the basic apps. These guys suck at this and this will be their ending as consumers look to other companies (NO, never an I Phone) that get up and go, and support their customers in a manner that`s expected.

    Yes, I have been a loyal Blackberry user (currently 64GB Playbook & Torch) since the Blueberry 7250. My patience as a consumer is being tested.

  • bob

    to pay to read emails = FAIL

    • Brian

      Blame RIM for releasing an unfinished piece of hardware, not this software developer. Can’t blame him for capitalizing on the fact that those poor suckers who bought a crappy PlayBook are still without an email client.

    • Jamm4

      Sure hope when you use your PC and need to check emails you always use and email client…if you use Outlook what does that cost? hell of a lot more than $2.99. You guys all fall for Steve Jobs and his communist system.

  • Luqman

    I’m one of the “poor suckers” who bought the playbook and to be honest I’m 100% happy with it. I don’t need another native email app because I already own a Blackberry where all my emails and what not come to and don’t need it to be resent to my PB to read it again. I’m not speaking on behalf of all the owners of the PB because there are some out there who do not own a Blackberry and I can understand their need for a native email client. This developer is just taking advantage of the time where RIM is procastinating in releasing a native email app and I’d do the same as well.

  • Rich

    e-Mail is an expected feature on any phone / tablet nowadays. I’m embarrassed for RIM.

  • Cole Mackenzie

    They only released it earlier so they weren’t one of the last to release a tablet. because pretty soon everyone is going to have a tablet it and they wouldn’t want to buy RIMs because they already got one.

  • slype

    No email client on a tablet? Really???!!

    What else is missing on the playbook? I passed on buying one as it seemed a middle of the road type of tablet but I figured it would at least have the basics for software that you would expect an iPad competitor to have. Guess not.

    I wonder what else is missing from it?

    • RealDeal

      RIM’s take was that it didn’t need a native email client because the browser was so complete. Think about how you use email on your laptop or PC. Few people use a client for email on PC, RIM was think the same could apply to a laptop. The media went nuts over it and tried to turn it into a much bigger issue then it was, unfortunately for RIM many consumers bought into it.

      Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. The only advantage to a client over just going to the website is that you get push notifications, but if you have a tablet then you probably have a smartphone so you get your notifications on that.

  • TheTigerTek

    I have a PlayBook and Atrix.. but now I’m using a my old Blackberry Bold cuz stupid Atrix is not charging. I don’t miss email on the PlayBook.. RIM showed off its native email client earlier this month I don’t mind waiting for the over the air update.

  • chri$pycrunch

    I have a Playbook and the email native client (via bridge to connect to the blackberry) is a convenience but not a deal maker for the device.

    I think that perception-wise, RIM should have put in some kind of email client just to have it there. In reality, the Browser is truly so powerful that it can access all the www emails.

    Also, does this app have notifications? If not, then what’s the point of having an email app native client?

  • kon nik

    i picked picked up a 16g playbook. 1 week later i returned it for a 32g model. my point is that it became so use full that it basically replaced my laptop for most of the day.
    i haven’t missed the email client. browser is fast enough and screen is clear enough that checking hotmail and gmail is pretty much same as on my laptop.

    and no..i dont have a blackberry. i simply use a “hotpocket” wireless 3G router and it’s good to go.

  • dro

    Releasing the Playbook without mail is like release morning coffee without hot water rim is known for outstanding mail and security. If the tablet wasn’t ready for release they shouldn’t have released it in the first place just to get out the doors just before some of your Android competitors, its great way to turn your loyal fans against you. People will wait for good service, don’t rush and screw up.