Koodo Mobile to release the INQ Cloud Touch


  • Cody

    If it’s not laggy as hell, that looks like a sick os for someone not ready for a smartphone.

  • sdajsjasdgj

    desire s please! -drool-

  • gun26

    Most – heck, almost all – low-end Android phones are bricks. The CPU speed here is 800 MHz which isn’t too bad, but the screen is low-res, the Android version is behind and the much-touted Spotify app is useless in North America.

  • Dexter

    If this is even close to as brutal as the INQ Chat that came out last year, you will be better off spending your money on a sack of hammers and trying to browse the web with that.

  • Dustin

    Hopefully this is A LOT faster than the INQ Chat. Worst and slowest phone I’ve ever seen.

  • Alex Perrier


    The smartphone isn’t that bad. The screen resolution could be better, but the 5 megapixel camera is nice. The CPU seems fairly fast, but the 2.2 OS should have been 2.3 instead.

    Overall, not bad, but it almost must be upgraded to 2.3 OS.

    • QuestionMark

      What does it mean “almost must be”?

      ===Don’t worry, I do question everything===

  • nick

    Meh. Seems like only a tiny upgrade over the optimus one, and I distrust INQ. The O1 had a sick camera for its relatively low 3MP, not sure this is any better.

  • kieran

    I’d be more tempted by blackberries over a low end android device personally.

    All those cheap android phones seem to get kicked to the dust pretty quickly.