Koodo produces a $35 “Unlimited Incoming Plus Combo” plan


  • Rookie

    150 Mins… Thats 5 mins a during day … Wow….I should cancel my unlimited wind 25$ unlimited provice calling …..

    • Luke

      If Wind worked anywhere outside of the GTA, they’d be relevant. Sadly, that’s not the case.

    • J

      how did u get 5min a day?

  • davidA

    It’s nice to see that the market is opening up to all, even to those who don’t live in the center of a major metropolis. It’s Kudos to Koodo I would think 🙂

  • Hilroy

    If it were 300 minutes, this would have been a good deal.

  • andy c

    if i could swap the “local family calling” or the unlimited incoming for a small bucket of data (250mb?) and voice mail i’d sign up in a heartbeat.

    i work ti’ll 5 and have wifi at home and at work. just need the data and mins for the commute and weekends

  • beavertail2

    You have to sit around and wait for calls…lol.

    • Azteca

      Or you text everyone to call you

  • Don

    Terrible plan.

  • m1lk

    they need to throw in like 250 mb of data ==

  • Ryan

    Or you can go to Mobilicity and get a great UNLIMITED plan for $20.

    Dum Dum Dum

  • Amar

    Not so bad if you’re outside the main cities. Atleast Caller ID is finally included…
    more minutes, voicemail and like 250mb of data would make this damn good especially for people outside of the Home Zones of Mobi/WIND.

  • Me Ted


    They have approximately 73% of all Canadians covered. They seem pretty relevant to me. Oh wait. I get it. You were hoping for them to push a button and have 100% coverage. Yeah…sorry. It doesn’t work that way. I thought the 10 years it took Telus to get even 90% coverage would have told you that.

  • blindedbyfact

    Doesnt Koodo run on a per second rate.. Which makes that 150 go alot further. As for Wind/Mobilicity how hard is for you to understand some people live outside the major urban centers, dont have a desire to move there and will benefit from this. you cant please the lot can you, eh Ryan.. Get a grip mate, take a drive outside the GTA then give your mommy a call.. wait, doesnt work.. bummer son!

  • Ash

    Does unlimited incoming include long distance? Like if I get a long distance call from ontario and i have unlimited incomiong, i don’t get charged for it, right?

  • Vincent

    This is a sweet plan. Anyone else still using it?